Monday, July 14, 2014

Big Brands and QR Codes 2014

At QR codes of Note, we have long forecasted that when smart phones and tablets reach saturation levels in the public format, marketing with QR codes will get a serious and closer look.

QR codes can perform many tasks, not just a simple visit to a mobile site.

In 2014, big brands like PayPal have already invested in research and development and are now embracing QR codes in a big way: point of sale (POS) transactions by a quick scan of the featured PayPal QR code

Notice this code is not the stand alone, black and white edition standard in marketing in years past. QR code in North America are moving in the direction the rest of the world is already in, and that is, a more visually appealing design and compelling call to action.

When are you getting onboard with QR codes? Are you going to let your competitor beat you to it?  

BIO: Written by branded QR code strategist: Rhonda Smolarek from QR Codes of Note, an industry leader in mobile marketing. Your customer has smart technology and takes it everywhere, you brand message should be easily accessible. For QR designs and their marketing strategy, you may reach Ms. Smolarek at


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