Friday, December 25, 2009


I've found myself in a lot of trouble at home for sharing all manner of delicious recipes with you. Seems people at my house want to eat those things I told you about and they're harassing me - so no food for you this time as I need the peace. I will share a FEMME passion of mine: I am a closet freak |^_~| . Of course I'm speaking of my love for clothes and jewels like those at J.Crew. I pretty much give them most of my money except that sometimes I give some $$ to the nice folks over at Juicy Couture for fragrance and the occasional track suit and blingy baubles like this ostentatious key fob which I just had to have.


J. Crew, though, they reel me in but man are they crazy expensive! I hardly ever fall in love for much under $100 an item over there and when I do, that's 1 item like a blouse or a sweater and $40 and up for a tee shirt. I tell you, it stops my breath for a moment - long enough to come up with SEW DIY things based on: imitation -noun 1. copy 2. sincere form of flattery.

”Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” Jamie Paolinetti

See this fantastic and alluring casual top which will
cost you about $88- it can be recreated for much less if you are willing to wield a pair of scissors and sew a little. I was totally going to show you how to recreate this gem and then I thought, reinventing the wheel is not necessary so instead I will share with you how the Divas at Enchantresses 3 whipped up such delight right here with a bunch of hearts.

I like winter well enough but I'm not crazy about actually being cold so I like to wrap on a scarf to control my temperature. Here's the downside: necklaces are hidden under the scarf that I may remove. J. and the Crew bust that myth with this look with a ribbon necklace and I lurved it so I bought this exact one.
Did I mention that I live near a J. Crew outlet and paid only 40% of the online price for this lovely? I was almost happy but I wanted more, so I thought SEW DIY because, well, I'm creative like that. After some research I came across these set of directions from lovely Mrs. Erica and made my own ribbon necklace
from some grosgrain ribbon and some existing bling in my jewelry collection. I followed the directions (scroll down) beginning where she added the ribbon and wow, I love it. You can feel free to make an entire necklace from scratch but really... really? Why... you and I both know that you have a bunch of tired things which you could just redo with a little ribbon you find at your fabric store. Grosgrain ribbon by the way comes in hundreds of styles, is sturdy and did I mention rather inexpensive at about $2 for a roll of 18 feet like here at JoAnnes fabric and crafts. Yep.

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Since you're in the mood for a little creative purposing, how about giving a go at this embellished Cardigan al a J. and the Crew - directions found here at MISMATCHERIE

See full size image
or recreate the J. inspired no-sew ruffle like Bromeliad shares here made from a recycled tee shirt and harmonizing colored blouse.

Ruffles of all kinds abound on garments today which is the perfect opportunity to do a little something about "peek control". Say yes to Hoboken shows how here on this V Neck tee (scroll down half way) which she embellishes with pinch pleats. Make it your own by doing the same thing with purchased ribbon or lace. You're a more ambitious seamstress? Try a ruffle detail on a classic Trench as shown here at INTO-THE-FRAY.

There was also this sort of ribbon neckline added to shirts and cardigans which has unfinished hems and is gathered into a ruffle and attached as MY MAMMA MADE IT does here.

We can do the entire ruffles and petals thing according to other designers. ... love shows how to add petals and ruffles to shoes: heels flats pumps, name it. Her site has lots of DIY for your creative diva side. We needn't limit our creativity to the kitchen, I certainly bring creativity to every aspect of my life. I hope you give one of these projects a try. If you see any fabulous J. makeables I hope you share with me...

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Sunday, December 6, 2009


I want to send Happy Hanukkah wishes to some of you, you know who you are.

So my little guy pointed out to me that each holiday has it's candy...Easter has the chocolate bunny, Valentine's day has candy hearts, etc... you get the idea and Christmas has the candy cane. However, I needed to point out to him that the Christmas sweet he likes may be the candy cane but to me - it's all about the Christmas cookies! This is prime cookie season and we need to embrace it!!

The primitive snow man is from Johanna Parker Design .com I like to intermingle snowmen with holiday decor because it's always so naked when I take down the religious what nots. With the snow men, things are not so stark until Valentines day rolls around, know what I mean?

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I say I like cookies but the truth is I like only peanut butter cookies, all variations of them and any other cookie I am willing to sample but most likely think "Meh, I wish there were peanut butter ones". However, cookies as gift giving or holiday items get a different approach: adorable cookies for the children, chocolate something for most adults and schmancy for the exchange. I have sworn off of cookie exchanges because of all the rules my group began imposing, that and the temptation of having 900 cookies whispering my name was too much. If you are not a cookie exchange wimp like myself I noticed these tasty morsels. If you are a cookie Scrooge, no matter, I wanted to show you something completely unrelated to cookies.

Ok, here's the non-cookie thing I wanted to tell you about. See, Santa dropped off iPods last holiday and I absolutely marvel at all that is available with them and for them. They are that great. Well, in the morning commute, I seem to leave the house just in time for traffic and weather and never get to do any duets with my favorite artists who live inside my iPod. No more!! Check out this thingamajigger: it's an iPod dock for your car... I know, right!! Let the concert begin!!! This little beauty will allow you to listen to your tunes or you can purchase the subscription of Sirius XM radio enhancements. I do not know if Santa provides that but you could always ask =) Enjoy the coming week, my friend and thanks for stopping by. Don't go telling Santa that you want a thingamajigger, see this is actually called a XM Sky dock.

Adorable cookie, hmmm, these are cute Simple Holiday Sugar Cookies dressed for the fun of children but now I have a male teenager in the house and only something morbid, offbeat or insane will count as a pre-adult cookie ... so I have to show you these excellent Christmas mice cookies by Rhonda with their disturbing eyes and that tail which my kids will try to tie into knots inside their mouths... yeah, this cookie does double duty |^_~|

My Own Grand Idea: Peanut Butter Chocolate Checkerboard cookies

Using your favorite Chocolate cookie recipe and Peanut butter cookie recipe or use these wonderful ones found here, create cookie doughs.

Grammy’s Chocolate Cookies

Irresistible Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

(Both of these recipes call for 3 to 3 1/2 dozen cookies, unless you actually want to make a ton of these cookies, I recommend cutting both

of the recipes in half.) After creating your two cookie doughs, follow the Checkerboard cookie diagram shared from the wonderful cut out and keep website then bake your new creation in 350F oven for about 12 minutes. Keep eye on them and remember to tell your little cookie eaters that these contain peanut butter because surely they will think these are the tired sugar cookie checkerboards that we always see annualy. Perhaps they may have forgotten how unique and amazing you are because “We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are.” Anais Nin =)

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