Saturday, January 4, 2014

Mobile is Everywhere, Time to Behave?

In 2014, Mobile is everything.  Everything and everywhere. Go to any public place, work place, and or relax place and you will see mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) in use.  Mobile and Social Media go hand in hand, one is used to connect to the other.

What does mobile mean to you as a small business professional? Some timely realization is that with mobile being everything and everywhere, giving thoughtful application to your online presence or footprint is now a timely consideration. In 2014, the competition is fierce for customer experience.  The customer experience begins online for the most part. You and or your business are easily researched, quickly rejected when your posts are considered offensive or you are not credible or even nice. Like it or not, opinions are formed and you are always a click away from that follow. We don't suggest you adopt paranoia, or put your head in the sand, but some skilled awareness about what and how you are sharing are in order.

With Social Media, you are your own media department. Social media is like a really big cocktail party, and the way you conduct yourself and respond to others is noticed by those considering engaging into business and interpersonal relationships with you. Are you falling into pitfalls that are considered online no-no's? Are you sending accurate and positive messages? Are you being off putting without realizing?

Competition heats up in 2014. Unless you are the only one who does what you do, this is the year to be skillful, fun, and engaging simultaneously.  People are using their mobile devices to connect and they are mostly into light hearted, unique, positive and relevant posts. Do you have a blend of these elements in your posts? Do you do what everyone else is doing? Are you paying attention? Are you savvy about new uses with social media?

It is time to brush up on Social Manners and Social Analytics. Social media is not necessarily a big waste of time if you know how to use it to advantage.  If you are not seeing results with social media, however, you are likely wasting your time. 2014 is the year to learn how to win at this fun medium. offers private, personalized webinars where you can ask your pressing questions without 20-40 other classmates present. We also offer small class webinars for a lower price point. Our webinars are recorded for your review at your convenience, they are included in the price of the personal webinar and purchased optionally with a class. Our class times are Mountain Time, we are in the Denver time zone.

Remember, in the year 2014, mobile is everything, make sure you know how to leverage it.

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