Wednesday, September 19, 2012

QR Codes and the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 pre-orders sold out in about an hour.  Promoters of products or services can capitalize upon this mobile phone release which boasts a faster wireless connectivity and a larger screen; both advances are great for those providing content.  These factors can drive your sales.  In today’s world, more people own cell phones than own computers and most people always have their cell phones nearby.  With all this mobile connectivity, many consumers first visits to websites will be via cell phones and mobile devices.  Image source

A basic QR code, such as this example shown, is a pixelated box containing embedded data that is activated by scanning with a smart phone or other mobile device.  The scan launches the QR code message onto the phone through the use of a downloaded scanning app such as the Red Laser.  The scanned information can offer limitless experiences such as scan incentives, videos, music, contests, scavenger hunts, and special offers of all kinds.

Take the best advantage of smart phone marketing trends by handing your message to the smart phone armed consumer.  With Apple boasting over 2 million iPhone 5 sales, about 2 million consumers are probably giddy to use their new phones.  They will use it to make phone calls, play games, watch videos, visit the internet, and download apps that improve their lives.  Scan apps such as Red Laser will allow these smart phone consumers to scan information about products and their prices.  By adding QR code to your marketing plan, you can drive more traffic to your business.  What you really want, in order to entice scanning, for improved traffic, leads, and increased SEO is a custom QR code.  The plain, generic QR code represents the timid first steps of QR codes where consumers scanned and had a plain, uninspiring experience often at an URL.  

Encourage shoppers to scan your code with a well thought out QR code marketing campaign which is visually intriguing and offers rewards for scans.  With the implementation of a colorful and/or artistically altered QR code, the customer is more interested in seeing what is inside the code.  That, and they like their new iPhone 5’s and find it cool to whip it out and scan your stunning graphic QR code.   Image Source

Where are you going to get this stunning QR code representing your business for these eager smart phone users to scan? As you can see from this infographic, there is a continued increase in consumers scanning QR codes.   QR Codes of Note™, a multimedia web design entity customizes QR codes into codes that scans super quick, tracks scan data and even has the capability to change your embedded message without altering the appearance of your dazzling, custom QR code that you may have had printed on car magnets, sticker, marketing tri-folds and in print ads.  These artistic codes aren’t easily manipulated like the plain, black and white pixelated qr, so the likelihood of your code being altered into passing along malicious Malware viruses is greatly decreased.  A quick phone call gets your questions answers about incorporating QR codes and gets you started on increased sales potential.  The  website, has examples of custom QR codes though there are an infinite number of ways to imbue brands and custom qualities into QR codes that will distinguish you from the pack.  With you have the added benefit of not only purchasing a customized QR code, but also successful marketing pointers such as call to action wording, and added multimedia offers created by the designers to enhance your campaign to get the increased exposure you seek.

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