Monday, December 31, 2012


    While having a debate over QR codes with a witty, albeit unarmed nay sayer, I learned some opinions against QR codes.  Chris was his name and he pronounced vehemently that QR codes “blew it!” and that people don’t scan them anymore.  He even backed this up with facts that he collected from an entire one person: himself.  I listened and took mental notes because Chris’ boldness represents the polite folks who may be thinking what he is thinking.  I recognized that Chris and others have been unimpressed with prior QR code experiences but were very aware of their potential.  If he were indifferent with QR codes I would have believed him a degree more but it seemed to me that he wanted to like them.  I agreed with Chris on some things, such as: who wants to scan a code just to visit a website?  I wouldn’t necessarily feel compelled to do that.  I also tend to ignore QR codes that hide in the bottom corner and don’t provide a call to action.  QR codes, in general, remain rock stars even if they aren’t largely being strategized effectively.  The disappointment reminds me of this comparison: if you have an awesome Smart phone and only use it for calls; the phone is still great but you, you need to take advantage of the phone’s potential.

I showed Chris some branded QR codes with great calls to action that linked to engaging content.  I wasn’t merely trying to shut him down, I wanted him to respond about his experience because I knew I could count on him to be honest.  I put a custom QR code in front of him and I did not ask him to scan it.  He could not resist.  He said “Do you want me to scan that?” and I said “If you want to” and he was noticeably eager to.  He proclaimed that if more QR codes were customized like this one, he would be curious about scanning.  The good looking QR code contained catchy music and an inspiring ski video.  The video was somewhat long, at 5 minutes, but I could not get Chris’ attention until it was over.  I enjoyed chatting with Chris and I don’t think he minded having his negative opinion about QR codes shut down.  I would have asked him if he minded but he was busy scanning all of the QR codes in my portfolio.

Check out this QR code by Swanson Flavor Boost .  The actual black and white QR code still lacks visual appeal from multimedia graphics standpoint, the call to action doesn’t whet the whistle alone but once scanned, the QR code does not disappoint.  Strategize with a professional today on a graphic QR code with a video embedded, branded QR code is a great ROI from which you benefit from measurable mobile engagement with your consumers.  Professional QR codes offer quicker scanning, measurable scan tracking, and even the potential of changing the message in the code without reprint or redesign.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

QR Codes and the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 pre-orders sold out in about an hour.  Promoters of products or services can capitalize upon this mobile phone release which boasts a faster wireless connectivity and a larger screen; both advances are great for those providing content.  These factors can drive your sales.  In today’s world, more people own cell phones than own computers and most people always have their cell phones nearby.  With all this mobile connectivity, many consumers first visits to websites will be via cell phones and mobile devices.  Image source

A basic QR code, such as this example shown, is a pixelated box containing embedded data that is activated by scanning with a smart phone or other mobile device.  The scan launches the QR code message onto the phone through the use of a downloaded scanning app such as the Red Laser.  The scanned information can offer limitless experiences such as scan incentives, videos, music, contests, scavenger hunts, and special offers of all kinds.

Take the best advantage of smart phone marketing trends by handing your message to the smart phone armed consumer.  With Apple boasting over 2 million iPhone 5 sales, about 2 million consumers are probably giddy to use their new phones.  They will use it to make phone calls, play games, watch videos, visit the internet, and download apps that improve their lives.  Scan apps such as Red Laser will allow these smart phone consumers to scan information about products and their prices.  By adding QR code to your marketing plan, you can drive more traffic to your business.  What you really want, in order to entice scanning, for improved traffic, leads, and increased SEO is a custom QR code.  The plain, generic QR code represents the timid first steps of QR codes where consumers scanned and had a plain, uninspiring experience often at an URL.  

Encourage shoppers to scan your code with a well thought out QR code marketing campaign which is visually intriguing and offers rewards for scans.  With the implementation of a colorful and/or artistically altered QR code, the customer is more interested in seeing what is inside the code.  That, and they like their new iPhone 5’s and find it cool to whip it out and scan your stunning graphic QR code.   Image Source

Where are you going to get this stunning QR code representing your business for these eager smart phone users to scan? As you can see from this infographic, there is a continued increase in consumers scanning QR codes.   QR Codes of Note™, a multimedia web design entity customizes QR codes into codes that scans super quick, tracks scan data and even has the capability to change your embedded message without altering the appearance of your dazzling, custom QR code that you may have had printed on car magnets, sticker, marketing tri-folds and in print ads.  These artistic codes aren’t easily manipulated like the plain, black and white pixelated qr, so the likelihood of your code being altered into passing along malicious Malware viruses is greatly decreased.  A quick phone call gets your questions answers about incorporating QR codes and gets you started on increased sales potential.  The  website, has examples of custom QR codes though there are an infinite number of ways to imbue brands and custom qualities into QR codes that will distinguish you from the pack.  With you have the added benefit of not only purchasing a customized QR code, but also successful marketing pointers such as call to action wording, and added multimedia offers created by the designers to enhance your campaign to get the increased exposure you seek.

or 1(719) 428-5451

QR codes are for you if you desire to promote your:

  • talent
  • service
  • product
  • video 
  • music
  • book
  • event
  • new location
  • tour date
  • anything you wish to sell

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Friday, August 17, 2012

5 simple & effective things you can do with gorgeous, graphic QR codes:

  1. Transform Your Business Card Into a Sales Tool. With a graphic QR code, color, images and brands can be incorporated into the generic looking QR code along with your embedded message which could be contact information, a video of your product, a map to your location, or even go to an online scheduler which allows new contacts to sign up for a 15 minute appointment*.
  2. Screen Saver. Once you have a branded QR code image file, put it on your smart phone as a screen saver, that way you always have a business card on hand to share.  You take your phone with you and so does just about everyone else you want to know.
  3. Email.  Your email signature line may already include where to contact you.  People see signature lines so often that they don’t see them anymore unless you do something noteworthy such as add an interesting quote.  That single line wrapped in quotes has the reputation of being a fortune cookie for the mind so people read it.  With a call to action inside of quotes placed above QR code in your email signature area, you can capture that same short span of attention that would be given a quote because your contact wants to know what it says!  Yes, you can scan QR code from a computer monitor as long as the screen isn’t creating glare at the QR’s location.
  4. Mailing label. Mailing labels are just stickers waiting to happen.  Add your QR code image to mailing labels templates and print.  Use the “stickers” by affixing them to newspapers and distribute the papers complimentary to your favorite coffee shop or other places that people gather.
  5. Job Boards. Job boards offer a chance to post your business card with a tear-off edge and when they’re gone, they’re gone.  If you add a colorful, graphic QR coded message to your top sheet and when the tear-offs are finished, your message still has staying power! 

* designs eye-catching QR code!  Their professional level graphic QR codes scan quickly due to their process, are trackable for number of scans, and can change your embedded message without recreating the code.  QR Codes of Note™ can provide suggestions that will make your advertising campaign get the types of response you seek.  Schedule a 15 minute appointment and ask what QR Codes of Note

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Savvy Marketing Today

Word Of Mouth...

    Word of mouth is the absolute best advertising available: it is trust worthy, personable familiars providing feed back on their actual experiences with a product or service.  This ideal goal is called a “direct marketing” because selling points are spoken directly to the consumer.  Today's marketing and advertising has gotten quite sophisticated with social networks and strategies providing a platform that exposes messages to the masses who incorporate high technology into their lives.  With advertising messages inundating consumers, one has to wonder if people are becoming oblivious to the steady presence of online ads and scrolling past, not grazing any ads except the savviest eye catchers.

(Scan the QR code using free app RED LASER)

With marketing: aim out of the ballpark, right?  Absolutely.  Your marketing goal should be to be that savvy add that doesn’t get overlooked as well as one that taps into word-of-mouth advertising.  For those reasons, a smart marketing plan will include branded QR codes.  QR codes are square matrices scanned by mobile technology such as a smart phone or iPad that puts your information directly into the consumers phone or tablet which can then be easily shared by word of mouth and even a cool show-and-tell.

    While Americans are slowly getting on board with QR codes potential, impressive financial increases are being realized from QR code use around the globe.  In  crawl-before-you-run-style, QR code advertising in the US is largely through the incorporation of the black and white message embedded squares tucked into corners and embedded with URL’s.  That recipe will get you overlooked.

Consumers will whip out their phone to scan the attractive ad that answers the question: what’s in it for me?  Be the gold standard advertiser and have a branded QR code designed that answers the big consumer question by offering an incentive such as "Scan for your...", "A gift...", "Play to win...".   Suddenly you’ll have attention and you are portable enough to be shared and even displayed through the interactive word of mouth and mobile technology combination.  Aren’t you clever?

QR Codes of Note™ can provide your QR code marketing solutions.  Ask about a mobile friendly website.

Comments about QR codes? Questions abut how you can use QR codes in your advertising plan? Your feedback is always welcome. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

5 Ways to Promote With QR Codes

QR codes (Quick Response codes) are the dot matrix squares you have noticed showing up in print advertising (magazines, newspapers, billboards).  These squares actually contain messages that can be read with a scanner.  A quick scan using an app (application) like Red Laser from an app store and instantly, the embedded message is experienced on the mobile technology.  Yes, mobile technology, not just a cell phone.  Tablets, iPads, iPods and any mobile technology equipped with a camera that can download an app can scan and read a QR code.  Therefore the reach of QR codes encompasses the great majority and so those little squares can pack an big profit jump.  Remember the fun of finding a prize in the cereal box or the Cracker Jacks?  Remember the thrill of finding Waldo?  Well, just imagine the fun has grown-up and you are half-way there regarding both the thrill and the potential of QR codes. 

  1. KnowledgeBe aware of some of the many actions QR codes can produce; QR codes can send a text, make a call, play a video, offer a discount, add you to contacts, launch an app, make a donation, have a competition, refill a prescription, provide map directions to your location, or hey, here’s a fun idea: add a QR code on the label of your free samples of wine, music, magazine, book excerpt or product and the consumers enjoying the fruits of your labor will want more information.  Partner your QR Code campaign with another professional group to provide a free item (such as free music), place the QR code on a flat surface (bag, cup, business sized card) and when consumers scan your code everyone wins.  
  2. Add valueI can not think of anything more anti-climactic than scanning a QR code and arriving at a landing page full of words, more words, and even more words about you and none of them saying “win”, “prize”, “just for you”, “to thank you...”, “free”, “gift”.  While that level of let down may be a slight exaggeration, I hope it illustrates the fact that the URL you worked so hard to develop can be overwhelming and go overlooked when loaded on a cell phone or the small screens of hand held technologies.  People are largely motivated to scan QR codes because they believe they are going to receive something of value.  The mere pleasure of visiting your blog from a mobile technology is a little flat, especially since if you have FLASH on your URL, mobile technology can not load it (*get a mobile website).
  3. Add a grain of boldness. Yes, many consumers notice the QR code squares but they can hold little interest when they consist of boring black and white blocks hidden in corners seemingly for some purpose not related to the general public.  When you incorporate your QR codes into your marketing, be bold! Do it in a highly visible manner so that people know your QR code was meant for them.  Include a call to action with “scan for...”, “Like us on facebook...”, “scan to follow us on twitter”.
  4. InformSome people, even those who have all the latest great tech toys are still not in the know about QR codes but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a scan.  Include a little information to give them a nudge such as: 1. Download a scan app such as Red Laser 2. Scan and enjoy!  It’s cool to find a new use for your favorite toy.  You remember how thrilled you were to discover you could play word games and with mad birds or whatever distraction app you downloaded.  It’s no different when people are encouraged to discover what lies embedded in QR codes.
  5. Get branded QR codeIf you do any print advertising or use email, blogs, social networks or cell phones, this is probably the most important thing to note: A multimedia graphic artist can transform a plain, black & white qr code square into an extension of your brand or service.  Use that logo you developed and add have your image and company name customized into your QR code message.  You are more likely to get  scan if your QR code is attractive and professional in appearance.  There is power in beauty!  A consumer will say “oh, a QR code from my favorite insert your name profession here. I wonder what it contains.”  
Oftentimes, the person developing your branded QR code can also produce a mini-me version of your website that can be visited with a smart phone or other mobile technologies.  Having a mobile site does not diminish your great web page.  It is just that people are not always being introduced to you from their desks and that is a reality you should embrace.  I realize that you don’t always like change but this QR code business is powerful and it can work to your great benefit no matter what your industry is.  Add your branded QR code to your email signature, screen saver, facebook banner, blog, etc.  

This information brought to you by ,  a multimedia design source offering branded QR code marketing solutions, facebook banners, mobile websites and website re-design.  If you benefitted from this information, be sure to LIKE us on facebook. Thanks.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What Are Mobile Websites

We are a technology driven society and so it is no wonder that many people will visit your site first from their cell phones.  If you don’t already have one, you are going to need a micron representation of your website: a mobile website.  What is that?  
The mobile web uses a browser based internet service from a handheld device like a smartphone or a tablet computer and connects from a wireless network such as the free wifi you absorb at that coffee shop on your cell phone.  
If you have a website then it can be accessed by cell phones but most of the time regular websites look awful, they are suddenly overwhelming and take much too long to load on a little cell phone.  If you also have flash movement and bells and whistles and hoops for visitors to jump through, people can’t get the best experience visiting your site from their cell phones.
Why do you care?  People should just access your website from a computer like everyone else.  Ok. o_0 You don’t get it yet.  People don’t always carry around a computer in their pockets and purses.  Oh, wait, yes they do.  They carry around a portable cell phone and it takes 2 seconds to go to your website.  If your site looks like shoot and shinola on their cell phone, they are probably going to forget you.  But you, no, you don’t like change... you are going to like irrelevance even less, my friend.
Add a mobile website to your line up or contact me for another comparable micro solution which saves time and expense.  Then you can get some of that custom QR code I told you about and then the walking past your shop can scan your window sticker to see what’s on sale, or when they’re waiting in the dentist’s office they come across your business card or ad in a local publication, they will see your intriguing QR code with its graphically enhanced flair and believe you me, they can’t wait to scan it and see what’s inside!
Did you get that?  Here it is again:
  • Get a mobile website so people on cell phones can experience your online offerings without cringing
  • Or get an alternative to that which I can tell you about
  • Get custom QR code which launches your website or video or event information decide
  • Get all of this from

Saturday, June 2, 2012


 So this is a QR code.  

You see them and maybe you don't give them a second thought.  You should.  Everyone should.  QR codes hold the magic fun of secret messages, remember, from your childhood?  Oh, you're that old?  Well, these have to be decoded with a Smart phone.  With QR codes businesses share savings, directions, contact information, videos... but first you download a scanner app, point your camera at the code and then check out the QR code message.

You can also scan this with any device equipped with a camera that can download a scanner app, such as a Blackberry or an iPad.

QR codes: NOT Just For Businesses 

Look at this image, the QR code has bee colored to match the graduation announcement and it launches a video of dear Melissa walking across stage.  Included is a message to scan this code and see this special moment.  I think this is just wonderful use of QR code.  If you can not make this type of invitation yourself, there are QR code artists who will create the code and the invitation for a small fee.

QR code can also be used to keep track of valuables like with this (found this here), just print a page of QR code labels and affix to your personal items.  Yes, yes, of course you could just be old school and write your name and number on a label.  Yawn.  Why do you even have a phone?  For calling people?!  You are under using your technology, smart guy.  Got to and they can create very attractive labels for your inventory.

Jessica and Terrance, a lovely couple, used QR code as part of their wedding journey.   With QR code, you can launch a map with preloaded directions, include a phone number in case your guests are running late and want to call ahead.  A QR code could also be used to save the date in calenders with a quick scan.  In time, the happy couple could use QR code to share the birth of their little one, or invite you to their new annual holiday party.
Hopefully, now I have you thinking about QR codes.  Use them in your life and be sure to include a written website address for all the people you know who aren't yet QR code savvy.  Since you're cool now and know, "Hey, I could use some some QR code in my life" or if you are only moderately cool and want to appear even more so, just contact to help you come up with a custom design that flatters your special event to full effect.

Where image sources are not included,  just scan the QR code =)

Questions? Comments?

Thursday, May 17, 2012


SCAN image for source

What do you get when you buy a customized quick response code (QRC)?  

CUSTOM is the key word here.  The quick response code (QRC) contains an embedded message that can be read with a scan from a cell phone. You will need to download a scanner app, we use Red Laser.  The custom QRC on the left has been colorized and an image inserted.  An email address has been included below the matrix for the benefit of those not using a smart phone.  More and more people are using smart phone's and this will continue to increase.  QR codes are appearing in more ads.

QR codes can launch a number of events: take scanner to your youtube video, your URL, provide your contact information, promote and event, offer a coupon and more.  Read more here.

When you purchase a custom QRC, you are commissioning a unique piece of logo or branding artwork from a multimedia graphic designer.  Consider custom QRC art work just the same as a brand or a logo that you would have a graphic artist create except that this high-tech artwork begins with a message embedded into QR code. Multimedia graphic artists transform a matrix into something eye catching and deliver it to you in an email.  You then use this QRC multimedia artwork/message on your promotional products just like you would do with any other logo.
From QR Codes Of Note™ you receive by email, a scalable, high resolution file which is in eps or jpg format.  Other QR designers offer you a low design price when you initiate the design process only to later charge an additional $10-35 to email your design.  I think that’s just absurd, of course and QR Codes Of Note™  have no such hidden fees.  Your payment includes email of your QRC and you own all copyrights to your commissioned multimedia graphic design.  
Once you have a custom QRC, you can use it in print advertisement, business cards, posters and countless promotional products.  We can offer promotional product contacts that work for your embedded message such as window stickers, chocolates, keychains.  
Some fast and easy uses for your custom QRC is to add it to your phone as a screen saver, place it on your blog, include it in your email.  You can use your custom QRC as your social network avatar. 

This QRC is an example of how to use qr codes.  The team at QR Codes Of Note™  can offer suggestions for your projects.

Comments or Questions?

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Monday, April 16, 2012

QR Codes

What’s up with the QR code thingies?
QR thingys, or quick response code, is a scannable code that gives your business a boost by sharing the embedded information .  A QR code reader, or scanner as it is commonly called, can be downloaded from smart phone app stores.  The QR scanner is pointed at the code and then the embedded information appears.  Scanners are a great app to have on your phone as they allow barcodes and QR codes to be scanned providing information like merchandise prices at multiple locations for consumer products of all kinds.  

Say you saw some great item at the store, scan it and get the price for the same item at venues all around town or as far away as you seek. 

A QR code though, can be embedded with things like:

any contact information ❧ URL’s ❧ mobile web pages ❧ coupon offers
❧ event announcements ❧ promotions ❧ possibilities abound
and then placed on:
business cards email ❧ mass mailing ❧ car magnets ❧ lawn sign (real estate)
❧ office window sign ❧ flyers ❧ posters ❧ and more

QR codes don’t have to be the boring black and white code you are seeing here and there.  We can create QR codes for you that are attention getting, colorized and infused with your brand logo.  Our QR code marketing ideas aren’t just some square shoved into your marketing material like an after thought.  We can design innovative and attractive marketing material that makes your message shine to your target market.
Once scanned, information can be saved directly to your phone.  QR codes are great for invitations like to graduation parties, wedding announcements, corporate events.  I am sure you can think of a way to make use of them.  

Where can you get a creative QR code made and then what can you do with it?


or go to the QR codes of note website found here

Olive, a multimedia graphic design artist specializes in QR code marketing which includes incorporating codes onto exciting products like car magnets, t-shirts, invitations, announcements, yard signs, business cards...