Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lazy, -er Slow Cooking

I love to cook!  Sometimes.  I love to eat all of the time.  Good stuff I mean; flavorful, thought out, healthy food.  Things that make you close your eyes to savor the taste, texture, aroma.  It's really hard for me to settle on Mc Fries and Burger Thing.  And I said I was not going to buy another cookbook but gosh, they are some of my favorite things to read.  I found this one and absolutely must tell you about it.  

real slow cooking by kathryn hawkins

Real Slow Cooking: How to Get the Most Out of Your Slow Cooker
Now don't let the chopped, shucked, diced and sprigged cover fool you, there are some taste bud fabulous things going on between the covers.  Things that never occurred to me are going in the pot and returning taste and smell rewards extraordinaire.  Like what?  Ok, I will tell you like what... Have you ever thought to put stuffed bell peppers (with lean sausage) in a crock pot?  Or make a dessert like a fruit cobbler in the crock pot?  Or roll fish fillets around salmon, atop diced fresh vegetables in a crock pot?  Or make an ethnic dish, a Thai one... in the crock pot!  Ok smart-arse, I haven't and I humbly bow to Ms. Hawkins for composing such wizardry.  I found it at Barnes and Noble but of course has it.  Oh, and it is on sale =) because I am lazy AND cheap.  Just like you.