Sunday, June 13, 2010


This arrangement, it's plant contents and directions found here at HGTV.COM

      Ssssssucculents, doesn't that just flow off the tongue?  These are the plants with the fleshy leaves which retain water and can go for long periods of time without water. Aloe is probably the most common succulent. Succulents are excellent options for people who live in arid (dry) regions or those who just plain forget to water their plants.  I like them for patios or entryways and I'll tell you why: I don't have a water source right at my front door nor do I want conspicuous hosing rigged to water my entryway containers.  

          Succulents come in many shapes, sizes and colors and you're sure to find the one to make the statement you want to make.  Consider these, and I pardon me that I can't provide each plant name, however, you can always print the picture and take it to your local Home Depot, Lowe's or plant nursery and pick up these or ones with similarities.  I've gardened for many years now and my philosophy is to pick up a plant which grows in my area and looks like the one in the pictures. I've arrived at this position after having purchased plants which don't thrive in my area and coddled and cajoled just to have my investment wither.  So save yourself some greenbacks and get a similarity which works in your part of the planet.  

These are some of the more common succulents, main ingredients in the arrangements that follow: 

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Kalanchoe thyrsiflora commonly called flapjacks or paddle plant.......>
aeoniums (Aeonium) above left and the genus Echeveria (centet), which includes hens-and-chicks.


Keep in mind that any of these succulent arrangements would look wonderful in a tall container at your front or back entryway and you can water these minimally according to your plant hardiness zone. I live in Colorado (which is generally zone 5) and find that while some of these succulents overwinter just fine, others must be lifted and brought inside when the frosts hit. 

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


"How would you like to be woo-ed?"A guy once looked me deep in the eyes and asked me that and it stopped me in my tracks. I stammered and was too stunned to answer him but I never forgot the question, and still to this day I always arrive at my best comebacks when it doesn't count.  Well, sir, I would have liked a picnic! I've always found the roar and haste of the dining crowd not to my liking, preferring something intimate, personalized, and memory making.

Picnics are not just for lovers so join me as I examine the ingredients for a lovely picnic, because while they shouldn't be an overly thought out affair, some pre-planning can go a long way:

  • blanket
  • food & drinks
  • setting
The Blanket

 Once I had the lovely idea of taking my kiddo's to the park to picnic and play in the morning. We had a great time but ever since the time of my first, very own picnic I've learned a thing or two.  The ground was damp, children will walk on the blanket with sandy feet, and wet napkins are a picnic's best friend.  If you're picnic-ing for two, I recommend a small-ish blanket. I have this little antique blanket that I found, they can cost crazy amounts of denero  but are full of charm and I've had mine for years and it still functions... sometimes people shoot me dirty looks for actually using an antique and I manage not to poke them in the eye for it.  Waterproof picnic blankets are available, as are ones with carrying handles but unless you intend on being a professional picnic-er, I just don't see all that as necessary.
 Food and Drinks   

It's completely acceptable to cheat here and buy lunch but keep in mind that the messier the food the more need for wipes and for garbage catcher.  If you want your picnic to feel sentimental and you have skills in the kitchen, then by all means prepare the food yourself.  Otherwise select special things to purchase the day before from a local gourmet or health food store.  Add strawberries (remove hulls) or some sensual treat and maybe a little wine in a thermos bottle if this picnic is with a member of the opposite sex. Lemonade always refreshes and I really have a thing for bubbly water like ice cold Perrier. Listen to me here, this is very important, if you grab a bucket of fried chicken ask yourself if you want to gnaw on a chicken bone in front of a practical stranger, hmm.  If you decide yes on the take out chicken - ask them for an extra, empty bucket to toss your bones into when you are finished. Remember to bring cups and any eating or serving utensils required. Napkins are a also a must.


Your first thought is to go to a nearby park isn't it? That's nice, really, yaa-aaw-awn, no really it is. So anyway, if you have the time, whoosh your guest(s) away to somewhere lovely like a botanical garden, or on a rainy day - rearrange the living room and add music and dim the lights or go with candle lights if possible.  Picnic unconventionally, like at night under the stars and with desert, champagne (with strawberries in the bottom of the glass) and candle light or the light of a full moon.  When my kidlets were tiny and we had spent the day destroying the kitchen table with crafts and creativity, rather than clean the table and cook dinner I would spread a blanket on the floor and announced that we were having a picnic.  This was always a hit!  So think outside of the picnic basket.

If you are really seeking to do something romantic here, I recommend you bring a little vase of flowers and take pictures, or bring bubbles or a frisbee for kiddos.  Consider these from my twitter friends and remember the bug spray and sunblock:

@TearlessPoet: beach, valley, clearing

@mikedinc: book 4 or 5 Private Gondola rides in a row @ Venetian Hotel Las Vegas. Eat light lunch w/ champagne on the gondola. Works. (tip well)

@DarkFeathaz: I wud go to the lake. Its more peaceful than da park. Or find a creek. Sittn near water is so tranquil

@PtahShadow: At a lake ... Or if ya city on top of a roof with a tight view with a boom box wit y'all fav tunes!!

@SusanLorelei: On a boat on a lake ... On a big farm .... on your bed .... and definitely in your neighbors back yard!!!!  

@Lodis22: beach or waterfront 

Picnic Suggestions? Please Share in the comment section!

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Thursday, June 3, 2010


 <~~ that's "POSH" Beckham... I enjoy having go-to attire so I can be stylish on a moments notice without a moment's thought. From head to to, this casual look is timeless, the simple monotone will work on any body type. Yes, I know her jeans are tight as heeeello, so use your discretion, no one said you had to mimic precisely but note: jeans should "fit" for this look because we're going for loose on the top and you can't have a loose fitting top and bottom without coming across as sloppy.  Aw, don't go thinking that you have to be a skinny mini to wear this, all the ladies think they have to be skinny to look good but ask any man and he will tell you he likes it when he smacks that arse and gets a soft response. So let's analyze this: 

  • side part then pull your straight or straightened hair off to the side, making a sleek ponytail if necessary (don't forget the hair stay product)
  • glamorous over-sized sunglasses (no bug looks tho)
  • cotton shirt, loose fit ( you don't have to tuck this in)
  • skinny jeans (but similar capri's are ok, too)
  • bangle watch
  • you really should wear a belt unless you want to sell crack (^_~)
  • shoe options for skinnies (skinny jeans)
For that Shirt:
      See full size image
    1. You aren't going to find that cotton shirt, you're going to buy a plain crew collar one in a shade which creates a mono-tone with you jeans. It should fit a little loose because you want it slouchy to compliment your little jeans without looking like, well, just trust me on this. Target website shows them at 9.99.
    2. Then you are going cut the cut the neckband off to make it stretchy, don't wimp out here, it will be ok. Also cut bottom half of one sleeve.  
    3. Next, let's do something with string and scissors, shall we?  Using needle and thread in a color close to your shirt, you are going to double about18" of your thread and knot the bottom. 
    4. Begin below to hide your knot, sew a (wide separation) running stitch from top of sleeve to bottom and then back up, pull to create a slight shirr, then take needle below again and knot, cut. Do one side. 
    5. For the other sleeve, notice hers is drapey, remove hem and remove underarm seam. Also, remove bottom hem of t-shirt for continuity.
    Not feeling brave with the scissors? Try this on a shirt you don't love and see what you think.

    Chanel Ballet Flats
    Flats work with skinnies, as do wedges and stiletto's. Consider your terrain before making your selection.

    Water bottle
    Remember to stay hydrated! There are so many water bottles on the market right now made to assist your planet conscious self. Some come with charcoal filters to clean your tap water.  I found a nice selection at R.E.I. which also had good looking camel-backs but if you buy a plastic bottle of water for sake of convenience, I hope you'll be sure to recycle it.

    Comments always welcome!!