Thursday, May 17, 2012


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What do you get when you buy a customized quick response code (QRC)?  

CUSTOM is the key word here.  The quick response code (QRC) contains an embedded message that can be read with a scan from a cell phone. You will need to download a scanner app, we use Red Laser.  The custom QRC on the left has been colorized and an image inserted.  An email address has been included below the matrix for the benefit of those not using a smart phone.  More and more people are using smart phone's and this will continue to increase.  QR codes are appearing in more ads.

QR codes can launch a number of events: take scanner to your youtube video, your URL, provide your contact information, promote and event, offer a coupon and more.  Read more here.

When you purchase a custom QRC, you are commissioning a unique piece of logo or branding artwork from a multimedia graphic designer.  Consider custom QRC art work just the same as a brand or a logo that you would have a graphic artist create except that this high-tech artwork begins with a message embedded into QR code. Multimedia graphic artists transform a matrix into something eye catching and deliver it to you in an email.  You then use this QRC multimedia artwork/message on your promotional products just like you would do with any other logo.
From QR Codes Of Note™ you receive by email, a scalable, high resolution file which is in eps or jpg format.  Other QR designers offer you a low design price when you initiate the design process only to later charge an additional $10-35 to email your design.  I think that’s just absurd, of course and QR Codes Of Note™  have no such hidden fees.  Your payment includes email of your QRC and you own all copyrights to your commissioned multimedia graphic design.  
Once you have a custom QRC, you can use it in print advertisement, business cards, posters and countless promotional products.  We can offer promotional product contacts that work for your embedded message such as window stickers, chocolates, keychains.  
Some fast and easy uses for your custom QRC is to add it to your phone as a screen saver, place it on your blog, include it in your email.  You can use your custom QRC as your social network avatar. 

This QRC is an example of how to use qr codes.  The team at QR Codes Of Note™  can offer suggestions for your projects.

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