Saturday, November 13, 2010


I forgot my password!!!   Not to worry though, nor to swear (unless you like that sort of thing)... there are always ways to work around this little pause in your day.


I know you are going to say: I thought we were not supposed to write our passwords down... read on you ninny. Of course you shouldn't write down: Account Password - blah343blah... Come on, don't be silly, be something more sophisticated.  Think encryption. Even if your device or wallet is stolen you passwords remain safe with these managers.

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There's and APP for that! Agile Web Solutions makes one and it's available to Mac, Windows, iPhone and iPad users.  The product is 1Password and the offer is peace of mind and safe web browsing.

SplashID promises a secure password manager that runs on your mobile device (phone).  They do this for an unlimited number of record categories and store other types of personal and sensitive information, boasting unbreakable portable protection.

PasswordCard is a credit card sized printout that is generated with various colors for separate accounts, the password is encrypted within other letters and numbers, read in the direction (left to right or vice versa) you decide... click link for more information, answers to your questions and to print yours.

If you're just a cheap so-and-so, that PasswordCard is free, as is this solution from KeePass which also offers encryption algorithms.  Need to spend money to feel safe, ok money-bags, consider RoboForm which allows you to log into websites automatically as well as encrypts your passwords, all for around $30 American dollars.  Your logins are in one place, you can access from anywhere and this also fills in forms for you utilizing your safely stored data.

All these solutions to your memory problem are peanut and elephant free! I hope you enjoyed this article.

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