Monday, June 27, 2011


You ever see that sarcastic bunny?  Well, his androgynous tail isn't the only one who knows how to have fun.  Here's (magnetic) proof:

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Off the Beaten Path...

Cobblestone or pebble mosaic path by MaggyHowarth.  This design is created by imbedding individual stones in cement according to a predesigned pattern.  This one is very colorful and intricate but simpler ones are quite the eye candy, also.

Having long been a fan of cobblestone mosaics, I have patiently waited for a chance to do something with this art form that doesn't take a lifetime, after all, I do have a day job.

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Well, darn it, the grout between my flagstone has cracked in various places and needs tending to.  Hmm, cobblestones!

Get some of these from your local rock yard after looking at inspiration like this and see what you can make.

Portofino Mosaic - 2 (Josh Clark) Tags: street italy favorite feet mosaic cobblestone tiles asphalt portofino cruise2007
Cobblestone design.jpg

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Stock Photo: Portugal. Lisbon. Typical portuguese cobblestone pavement

Mosaic Pathway Detail

 This vining pebble mosaic here in the grout line gave me the inspiration go do a cobblestone grout project.  While this flat stone vein is attractive, I craved something stunning.  Placing the stones on their side will do the trick.  I believe this will take me the better part of the summer to complete, so you can expect a progress check blog later.

Fine Gardening was kind enough to instruct us on how to create a pebble mosaic. Photo by Virginia Small.  

I want to share with you a much smaller project because I suspect your grout is fine and some of you wouldn't mind creating a stunning pebble mosaic in this lifetime.  Check out these outdoor mosaic projects:

The contrived tree rends a healthy workload.
mini garden 1.jpg

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

WATERMELON..... with style

A fruity Rubik’s Cube (a healthy alternative for the geeks)
Kiwi, watermelon and feta cheese <3
image kiwi, feta, melon salad
Watermelon is a refreshing part of summer for many and when we become adults; sticking our faces into a cold, refreshing watermelon, dripping it down the front of our shirts and spittin out the seeds really isn't as cute as it was back in the good ol' days.  I still want some, though, so let us refine our sensibilities and see if we can enjoy watermelon with dignity, shall we? 

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Would you, could you
with a fork?

A sure sign that you are an adult is that you eat your watermelon with a fork.  Isn't that lovely... (yawn)?  Let's perk that baby up (the watermelon, silly) and throw it in a salad to mingle with interesting things like feta cheese and red onion!  That's worth sticking a fork into! Martha Stewart, well, her staff likely came up with this fantastic Watermelon and Feta Salad.  Who cares who created it, I want some! Recipe found here.

Or, hey! How about a straw?
Would you, could you
with a straw?

Watermelon and Cucumber Tonic Recipe
I could... and not just because this delightful Watermelon and Cucumber Tonic is imbibed with gin.  I think a citrine rum might be a lovely substitute myself, but, nonetheless, this has refreshing mint, plenty of tonic water, some lemon and I want some!  I found this recipe here at MyRecipes dot com.

Would you, could you
as an hors d'oeuvres?

Well, I got this recipe from Charles Springfield, who got it from Paula Deen, and it's simple and elegant enough that when served to your guests, they will smile and enjoy the watermelon squares and find it grand in doing so in spite of the fact that it does not remain on their faces and they can not spit out the seeds like small children.  Scroll down for recipe of Watermelon Salad with Mint leaves

dippers photo Ten Ways to Eat Your WatermelonIf you just want to K.I.S.S. your watermelon (keep it simple, stupid) because you are just not into all the smancy stuff, that is totally cool, my friend.  Slice your watermelon into sticks, call it finger food, have a little something to dip it into if you like; yogurt, low fat sour cream... it's all good.  I found this little source of joy here at Babble.  Kids and adults alike will appreciate this as finger food and it is a neat (as in not messy) way to have some summer joy.

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For more watermelon joy...

Olive Rosehipes archives has these lovelies for your review:

These recipes are here in the August 2009 edition

Shrimp Martini Ceviche with Chili-Cumin Chips

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I love fashion and I tried to create a fashion look for under $100 but I only came close as this edgy fashion statement came in at $103.79.  You can keep in under $100 if you use a t-shirt or white jeans you already have. 

$47 This bell sleeve jacket in gunmetal grey is a statement piece with just enough color to be elegant in 3 seasons and works in those air conditioned summer environments.  Wear it open or closed. 

$19.99 White skinny capris look splendid under the boxy jacket, this link connects you to capris similar to the ones shown but at a reasonable price.  The jacket does the talking and the capris offer a supporting role in this look.
image source

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 $28 Sling back pumps unmistakably reiterate your hotty status here in an espadrille platform which features an animal print.  Animal prints are classic, the two colors still make these relatively neutral and ensure you get plenty of opportunity to wear again.

image source

This is where we go over our $100 because you may want to wear a 
lacy femme fatal top under that jacket and let it peek out over your jeans or tuck it in.  The price isn't outrageous  at all at $8.80 and a lacy number like this is sure to keep you from over heating this summer.  Wear a camisole underneath if you wear your jacket unbuttoned.
image source

Speaking of classics, it is wonderful to have one special sarong in your wardrobe and here are a few ways to wear one from the ORH archives.

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