Thursday, September 29, 2011

Designated Drinks


I remember the first time I saw a Tequila Sunrise, it looked enchanting to me.  It proved most unkind to my innards and I remember that, too.  I am still smitten with the color variation and the fruit inside.  I really don’t like all the calories of imbibing but I must say, I am highly attracted the visual appeal of some cocktails.  Join this with the light sparkle of a club soda and you will have made a friend in me. 
The challenge with altering a cocktail into a mocktail is that liquor usually has to be offset with sweetness of some measure to make it bearable to mere mortals.  Remove that turpentine, stomach fire ingredient and you need to bring new balance to your drinky-poo.  Club soda’s and mineral waters offer something bitter as does a squeeze of lemon or lime.  These are lighter than fruit juices and if you add your colored portion slowly, you can achieve a magical sunrise or dawn appearance in your glass.  Impart dark ingredients, like a pomegranate or mottle a dark berry, and you have  achieved something that won’t threaten maschismo.  Real men won’t give a fig, however.   Shown:  Pomegranate Blueberry Mocktail recipe from Annie’s Eats. 
Now keep in mind that some drinks will leave you wanting, like a Nojito because my taste buds invariable will go: Hey! Where’s the beef (-eater)!  It may be best to try something unknown to your taste buds to avoid the indignant, disappointing backlash from your inner lush.  How about a non-alcohol Cosmo like this one from allrecipes or a Designated Appletini from the Confessionsofthetruefoodski.  Look man, I don’t know what you like, those are just my ideas but:

There is an app for that...
50+ Most Popular Mocktails, and it will cost you: $1.99.  The mocktail’s featured here can be ordered at a bar or made at home and the point here is that you don’t have to feel the dullard when you choose not to imbibe.  We know how scintillating you like to be.
You pre-packaged loving, short-cut taking, non-purists may enjoy Crystal light’s versions with cheerful little packets of mocktails toting only 5 calories.  I am not really the biggest fan of the artificial sweeteners since I have learned that they actually make you crave sweets but I know there are those of you who just shrug at this.  The good folks at Crystal Light treasure you silly darlings as you are good for business.  Feel free to try their Mojito, Margarita and Appletini flavors which are available for a limited time.  Mix them up in a pitcher, throw in some ice, and decorate your glasses just like you would with a high calorie drink and get your cheer on!

Do you have a great mocktail recipe or comment? I love it when you share =)

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