Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Paper Work

It’s no wonder I’m thinking about paper when my desk and inbox are inundated.  I am also a little hungry. Combine these and what do you get?  I got cooking papers as in wonton wrappers, lasagne noodle, egg roll wrapper and crepes.  We’ll do something irreverent of course, but I’ll start you out slowly with my favorite: Mexican Crepes.  Let me know if you try any of the ideas presented.  Leave me a comment at the end of this article, I'd love to hear from you.  Try making this incredible dollar shirt and tie, video at the bottom of this article. When you're finished here, try this knit paper towel pattern for clean up. 

I enjoy Mexican foods but I really prefer to eat with a fork rather than having my hands covered with food and bits of it falling out as I eat.  Enter the Mexican Crepe.  The Crepe is tender and easily cut with a fork.  The flavor does not interfere with the Mexican seasonings.  Simply prepare your ground meat as for tacos.  Prepare crepes and add meat mixture and roll like you would a burrito.  That is, place filling in center, 1 inch from either edge: fold the inch edges in on top of filling and then roll one side to the middle and continue rolling tightly until you have a log shape. Layer onto a platter, serve with sour cream, tomatoes, and avocado slices.

Wonton wrappers: just for fun, fold the wonton wrappers into origami cranes. Best to practice with paper first as you can’t overwork the wonton wrapper without it falling apart.  The uncooked wrappers dry out easily so keep unused wrappers covered.  After making a collection of cranes like these or some other simple origami shape, deep fry in oil until golden.  Sprinkle with sea salt if desired.  These are wonderful alongside soup and on an Asian salad as croutons.  Excellent accompaniment to egg drop soup or any soup or salad with an Asian flair.  If you don't feel as ambitious as origami but would still enjoy having a a little fun with wonton wrappers for soups try using your favorite cookie cutter on them and top them with sugar, ground ginger and sesame seeds and cooking spray.  Bake 375 °F until golden.  Even more minimal, do the same seasonings on wrappers cut into thin strips with pizza cutter. 

Slow cooker lasagna:  Using uncooked lasagna noodles, prepare your favorite lasagna recipe like this one for sea food lasagne and layer into your slow cooker, omitting the mozzarella cheese on top.  Cook on low for approximately 5 1/2 hours or until noodles are tender. Sprinke top of lasagna with about 1 c. mozzarella cheese more or less to preferance. Cover and let stand about 10 minutes or until cheese is melted. Cut into pieces.

Oven baked egg rolls.  Using egg roll wrappers, prepare egg roll recipe like this one from Recipezaar but instead of deep frying what could otherwise be a relatively healthy vegetable based snack, spray generously with an oil cooking spray and bake in 375 degree°F oven for  15 minutes, turn with tongs then bake another 15 minutes.  During the summer, consider using your small toaster oven here so that you don’t over heat your home. 

Turon, a Philipino dessert, wraps banana halves in egg roll wrappers and deep fries, adding sprinkles of brown sugar on top after they have been deep fried a golden color.  You and I will bake ours like we did above. What's that? Sounds like bananas Foster?  Couldn't fool you, huh? Well, add some ice cream on the side then  =)

Making the Origami Money Shirt and Tie 
Here is a video for how to make a money shirt and tie.  A simpler dollar shirt origami without the neck tie can be found here.  I first learned this simple one without the tie and have taught children to make it so don't be afraid to give it a try! 

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