Saturday, January 16, 2010


Brrrr! It's cold out and when you are not busy making snow people it's likely you are spending a lot of time inside. Since you are, you may as well do something enjoyable and warm. It's time to preheat the oven, here are a couple of great cookie recipes. Not just baking but knitting, staying warm and dreaming of spring top my list! Snuggle into sleeved blankets, wrist warmers, glorious dessert and sort through the promises of seed packets...

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Speaking of cold...

Intensely dark icebox cookies are slice and bake cookies which get their dramatic color from espresso and are rolled in nonpareils before baking. These stunning cookies are rolled into logs and can be stored for using only as much as you need. If you want to bake them after blending the dough, you should know they require 2 hours of refrigerator time. These divine little creations do double duty, they make wonderful crumb bottoms for Heart of Darkness Cheesecake found at the top of this exciting blog site, while you'll find a healthy craisin, or nuts, non-chocolate variety of slice and bake double trouble cookie recipe right here. I realize you're still trying to atone for the holiday pounds, I can only advise that you share any batch you make with a friend.

Fingerless mittens...

My boys and their friends ask me to knit these, calling them gauntlets <-pattern. They knit up quickly, lend themselves easily to color variations and are available in beautiful cable patterns for women, too like the ones here at These come in handy when you go outside to start seeds in your sleeping garden, you'll appreciate the dexterity they offer. We'll talk more about that later, though =)

Warm Couch Potato...

I received a Snuggle blanket thingy for the holidays and it was really intended as something of a gag gift because I made such jokes about the Snuggie commercial. I actually like this sleeved blanket because my definition of happiness involves warmth, go figure. Turns out, my Snugster, in all its leopard print glory, is never available because every member of my family has had it on. Sigh, what is a seamstress to do? Save the day, of course, because the guys really aren't that cute in my Snuggie. I found patterns to make manly ones and the nice thing about fleece is that it does not fray so no need to finish edges here and the entire Snuglet requires very little sewing. Little men patterns, doll Snugger pattern which I am positive I will never use and several different ones intended for adults. A really clever person would add a pocket or two, just sayin.

About those seed packets...

3-4 Weeks before the last frost in your area of the country, you may want to start some seedlings. I do, because even though I will spend too much money at the local plant nursery anyway, I want to spend it on things that I couldn't grow myself like the Cypress trees which I am sure will enjoy flanking my patio. Begin seeds indoors in recycle paper pots (you have to see these!) or begin them outside, in your garden where nature can do most of the work. I wanted to give you the time to accumulate these recycle cloches - which look remarkably like 2 liter soda bottles for a good reason. The way this works is the the cloche or bell shaped covering serves as protection for heat, cold, and moisture loss. The curve of the cloche will allow condensation to eek down the sides of the bottle and into the ground, the opening allows heat to escape and the container itself offers a barrier against slugs and wind and the nasties which would adversely effect your delicate seedlings. Water your soil thoroughly, then, press bottom of container into soil creating an impression into the soil, plant your seeds according to package instructions, inside the perimeter of the impression and cover with your 2-liter cloche. Check later for condensation which is good, if there is no condensation when you check on your planted seeds, remove cloche and gently add water and before replacing cloche, put a layer of tape over the opening and pierce a smaller hole on top.

Patio Container

Your patio containers are not on active duty right now, most likely. If they are still on the patio or at the front door right now they can still enhance the area if you top their surfaces with a painted patio paver or those "Welcome to my Garden" stepping stones which you would not like anyone to actually step on.

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  1. I heard that those Snuggies were a big trend in some cities where cyber types would thrown them on, mob clubs & go bar hopping en masse. I love the commercials with the family wearing them at football games in the same way I love the Men without Hats' song, The Safety Dance. I find myself running from the computer to the kitchen to the bedroom to the bathroom & back again because the cold is almost unendurable. No gas this winter. Happiness definitely involves Warmth. I wonder if warmth is a result of happiness or happiness is a result of warmth. I think it's the former, yes. Cookie & milk time. Gotta get me a Snuggie

  2. hi Jim,
    thanks for commenting - warm is good!
    Incidentally, I enjoyed your blog just now, I paid you a visit =)

  3. Blog, I have no blog. Whhhat? O god, that other thing, I didn't know it could be found, is an aborted attempt at a blog. Just notes, a frenzy of feelings diguised as language. Erase it from your mind, please. Ouchhh

  4. Yes I think that those Snuggies would be a great hit with the trendy types for sure. As I am a cookie junkie, I am unable to resist the Dark icebox cookies that go so well with hot chocolate ,yum .Since we do get many frosts, the recycling paper pots,& the recycle cloches are an extremely practical idea , well done . Love youe site as always ,Take care , Mal .x

  5. ^^~~輕輕鬆鬆的逛部落格,多謝有您的分享哦~~~..............................

  6. Olive, I just found this. It's quite nice.

  7. I really do love your blog. It's so eclectic and inventive! Those cookies look incredible. And I've been thinking about getting some fingerless gloves. My hands get so ridiculously cold while typing in the winter.