Monday, September 6, 2010


Not sure if I mentioned it but I am an APPLE technology nerd. I mention this because I've been having the nerdiest fun this past week with my toy.  First, I wanted to show this little dock because it works for other technologies like BLACKBERRIES. It's nice to have a dock to use your toy hands-free and not have to purchase something for your work and home.

Since I'm sharing nerd-inal delights, I'll show you this little solution for when you want to watch your iToy showing a movie. These are two geeky ways to make a dock that work for iPhone and iPod, both quick, easy, cheap - the way you like it, no further comment. =)
The cardboard iStand is cut from a sturdy piece of cardboard, folded, includes little compartment for your  and enjoyed. Find the pattern, full instructions and quick video at Geeky as well as other needful nerd delights and enjoy~~> cardboard iStand or you want to print the PDF? Right here my friend: iPhone Dock.

You don't feel up to the origami of the cardboard stand but you do happen to have 5 pencils and 4 rubber bands, well then, have I have just the thing for you! Ok, well, really Geeky to the rescue again with this Pencil iPhone or iPod stand .   
Geeky found inspiration from this little number from Cult of Mac, who used a couple of bull nose clips for a stand/dock. You can use this with your Blackberry, too, it seems but I haven't the foggiest idea why you would because I don't have a Blackberry.

Diba Babs and iPhone Apps
Flash forward to the mall, there was a pair of outrageous boots by Diba called Babs, that I just had to have and they were in the clearance section, 2 sizes too small.  I whipped out my handy-dandy RedLaser app and scanned the barcode on the shoe box.  Instantly I had a list of where I could find this boot and at what cost in each venue. They arrived by mail 3 business days later at a great price = BAM! I'm keeping this app! I hope you download it and use it when you see that overpriced item that you really want.  I used the app again while shopping for a sexy kitchen faucet and found great prices in town and online.

Clever Nerd?
In this edition of OLIVE ROSEHIPS, you'll find this make-able cork craft which holds a flash drive. Also, directions for making this in a key chain version.

You know you have something to say about all this so please leave a comment below.

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  1. Olive I didnt realise that you were such a high teck Gal, and yes the apple technology is just fantastic, & can interface with many other technologies ( blackberries ),also the cardboard iStand,the iPhone Dock and the pencil iPod Stand are just great, also adore the BOOTS - quite SENSATIONAL , so many good fun things to enjoy, cheers , Mal,..x

  2. The pencil stand has taken it's rightful spot on my desk. Great finds wrapped in your witty and fun filled prose. Thank you Olive. Also a great app for all your "i" loving cooks, epicurious. It's full of awesome recipes. Cheers!

  3. THANKS so much for the comments, if you try any of these ideas - please share a picture =)

  4. I LOVE the pencil stand idea. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm gonna have to give that one a try.