Tuesday, July 6, 2010


While on the prowl for a clever swimsuit cover-up ...

Each summer before I head to the beach I try to find a swimsuit cover up.  I did find some really plain ones and over priced ones and do-it-yourself ones when it occurred to me to just do a Sarong! I love the versatility of these beautiful rectangles, you can cover or reveal in a variety of ways, they take only seconds to put on and look wonderful on any body type.

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bali sarong by wild_rose722000WAYS TO TIE

How To Tie A PareoI borrowed this step by step guide from A TRAVELER'S BLESSING they tell how to tie this Pareo which I call a Sarong.  Step 1 hold fabric behind the back and under the arms. Step 2 Wrap tie ends around themselves a few times until you get desired look Step 3 Tie tips behind your neck.

You can purchase a sarong or make one...

In general a sarong is a light weight fabric like gauze or batik that measures 72" long x 36-45" wide. Adjust this to fit you if you are plus size or piqueno by with fabric purchased at sewing and craft stores.  Go for something sheer, unfinished edges can be nice if you fray them by taking an even weave of fabric and a pin or needle and picking/pulling out about an inch or more or the horizontal weft a little at a time with the sharp edge of pin/needle.  You can use a sewing machine to stitch a straight line above where you want your fray to stop if you feel it's necessary to keep unravel in check or trim along with a Fray Check product.

A Sarong by Any Other Name...

Sarongs are known by other names in other parts of the world, including:
  • Kangas : Africa
  • Pareos : South Pacific region
  • A Sri, or sari : India
  • Wraps : USA

The popularity of wraps(sarong) are not limited to the ladies, I was watching a FoodNetwork show recently and spotted one of the chefs wearing one as he rode his motorcycle  through town.  I can't imagine any man in my life being comfortable in a wrap but differing cultures don't bat an eye at this sort of thing.

With a small investment of time I'm sure you can find a fabric rectangle that will match your bathing suit or harmonize with the pattern in an eye catching way.
I wanted to show you these sheer numbers and share something I learned one day at the beach. There was a beautiful woman there in a bikini wearing a lovely sheer pareo like the black one shown.  She wore it in and out of the water and I was thinking I'm going to do that!. I complimented her on her beautiful choice and she blushed before revealing that she chose it because it was camouflage to the tell tale lines child birthing had bestowed upon her. I would never have guessed by the way she draped the sheer mini sarong around her waist, the gathers working in her favor. She said it was actually a scarf she'd chosen because she just loved bikinis and was not ready to give them up. She had a pleasing figure and I'm glad to have her little secret to pass along to you.
sarong flower girl 2 by Mad Gringo


Skirted the Sarong can be adjusted to any length, a simple fold over at the waist will shorten it to the length you desire and even make it a delightful option for the little ladies as shown below. This nearly 9 minute video will show you 15 simple but beautiful ways to tie Pareo's to include varying lengths as well as sarongs for gentlemen. Many of these seem very similar at first but worth a watch through to the end where you'll find a one sleeve tie at the shoulder and not to be missed is the way they create a dress with a between the legs move and the butterfly sleeve looking shawl.

You may also enjoy these wraps from a previous ORHblog edition:


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