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Recently I showed some dazzling pebble mosaics on my blog like this where designer/artisans arranged flat pebbles on there sides in enchanting visual patterns.  While the pebble mosaic is an incredible treat to the eyes, those round pebbles are slippery to walk on en masse, and don't even think about doing so if you are wearing high heeled shoes.  Can you say "Birkenstock friendly only"?  Nonetheless, pebble mosaics are unforgettable and so here is what I'm doing with the inspiration:

Years ago I had my patio made by my design with the top composed of flagstone pavers with the delightful name of Purple Mountains Majesty.  I liked the pavers well enough but the cement grout really left something to be desired.   For me the cement was not organic enough and lacked a visual quality.  I was stuck with it's monotony for a while and then low and behold the grout began to crack.  This could be a maintenance cringe for some but I was singing hallelujah's because I saw it as a chance at plan B: do a pebble mosaic the grout lines!  
Yes, this is a time consuming project but I am enjoying the transformation.  It's coming out exactly as I imagined with the Mexican Beach Pebbles doing their job magnificently.  I hand picked the flat stones (along with my family) at the rock quarry for their flatness.  

When the pebble mosaic grout is finished, I will add a glossy sealer to the flagstone paver and pebble surface which will reveal the hue variations of the natural materials.  Keep watching and if you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comment section.

The original pebble mosaic post is here: Off the Beaten Path with photos and instructional link.
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