Monday, April 16, 2012

QR Codes

What’s up with the QR code thingies?
QR thingys, or quick response code, is a scannable code that gives your business a boost by sharing the embedded information .  A QR code reader, or scanner as it is commonly called, can be downloaded from smart phone app stores.  The QR scanner is pointed at the code and then the embedded information appears.  Scanners are a great app to have on your phone as they allow barcodes and QR codes to be scanned providing information like merchandise prices at multiple locations for consumer products of all kinds.  

Say you saw some great item at the store, scan it and get the price for the same item at venues all around town or as far away as you seek. 

A QR code though, can be embedded with things like:

any contact information ❧ URL’s ❧ mobile web pages ❧ coupon offers
❧ event announcements ❧ promotions ❧ possibilities abound
and then placed on:
business cards email ❧ mass mailing ❧ car magnets ❧ lawn sign (real estate)
❧ office window sign ❧ flyers ❧ posters ❧ and more

QR codes don’t have to be the boring black and white code you are seeing here and there.  We can create QR codes for you that are attention getting, colorized and infused with your brand logo.  Our QR code marketing ideas aren’t just some square shoved into your marketing material like an after thought.  We can design innovative and attractive marketing material that makes your message shine to your target market.
Once scanned, information can be saved directly to your phone.  QR codes are great for invitations like to graduation parties, wedding announcements, corporate events.  I am sure you can think of a way to make use of them.  

Where can you get a creative QR code made and then what can you do with it?


or go to the QR codes of note website found here

Olive, a multimedia graphic design artist specializes in QR code marketing which includes incorporating codes onto exciting products like car magnets, t-shirts, invitations, announcements, yard signs, business cards...

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