Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What Are Mobile Websites

We are a technology driven society and so it is no wonder that many people will visit your site first from their cell phones.  If you don’t already have one, you are going to need a micron representation of your website: a mobile website.  What is that?  
The mobile web uses a browser based internet service from a handheld device like a smartphone or a tablet computer and connects from a wireless network such as the free wifi you absorb at that coffee shop on your cell phone.  
If you have a website then it can be accessed by cell phones but most of the time regular websites look awful, they are suddenly overwhelming and take much too long to load on a little cell phone.  If you also have flash movement and bells and whistles and hoops for visitors to jump through, people can’t get the best experience visiting your site from their cell phones.
Why do you care?  People should just access your website from a computer like everyone else.  Ok. o_0 You don’t get it yet.  People don’t always carry around a computer in their pockets and purses.  Oh, wait, yes they do.  They carry around a portable cell phone and it takes 2 seconds to go to your website.  If your site looks like shoot and shinola on their cell phone, they are probably going to forget you.  But you, no, you don’t like change... you are going to like irrelevance even less, my friend.
Add a mobile website to your line up or contact me for another comparable micro solution which saves time and expense.  Then you can get some of that custom QR code I told you about and then the walking past your shop can scan your window sticker to see what’s on sale, or when they’re waiting in the dentist’s office they come across your business card or ad in a local publication, they will see your intriguing QR code with its graphically enhanced flair and believe you me, they can’t wait to scan it and see what’s inside!
Did you get that?  Here it is again:
  • Get a mobile website so people on cell phones can experience your online offerings without cringing
  • Or get an alternative to that which I can tell you about
  • Get custom QR code which launches your website or video or event information decide
  • Get all of this from

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