Friday, March 28, 2014

Vanity Plates for your FB Fanpage or Business Page

We notice that many of our facebook friends who have a Fanpage, for themselves or their business, are using the generated FB URL they received when they created their profile and do not have a customized FB URL. Sometimes we don't know what we don't know! With a customized FB URL, you can simplify the way you add your FB name to your email signature and business communications.

For example, instead of an URL like this:

Which is not easy to remember. Once your page reaches 30 Likes, this number sometimes has changed, you can have an URL like this:

Facebook recommends you consider the extension you'll use prior to committing, and create a "handle" as close as possible  to your public figure name or business name. This change will be permanent, non-transferrable and unalterable.  These usernames can be only Alphanumeric characters [a-z, 0-9] or a period[.].

Once you have given this some thought, go to

Choose "Select a Username...", a drop-down menu appears, select the page you want to make a user name for. If your page has reached 30 Likes (or whatever the number required is today) a box will appear. Then you enter your desired name, FB checks for availability. If that name is available for use, terms for use will appear. If you are happy with the selection, click "confirm" or if not, choose "cancel" in order to try another name.

When you have success, you are ready to share your new Facebook URL:

REMEMBER: this won't work until you have reached 30 or the required number of FB Likes
Questions? Leave your question or comment below and we will answer them!

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