Sunday, October 25, 2009


I know this is TMI (too much information) but I must complain so cover your eyes...wait, skip to next paragraph if you are delicate.  In fact, get over yourself if you are delicate because you miss out on the finer things of life like that.  So anyway, autumn, with its brilliant colors and beckoning metamorphosis, still leaves me mourning the loss of the warm temperatures because I like nothing more than to write while wearing only The Emperor's New Clothes - pants actually.  I was born naked - what can I tell you?  During the sweltering days of summer, I've grown accustomed to writing while wearing only glasses, a wife beater t-shirt, pantalones, and my Emperor's new pants  and Why am I telling you this? Because I always complain when the season changes and you'll be happy to know that I'm finished now. 

Aren't those pumpkins fantabulous?  In a few days you are going to miss that punctured, withering gourd you called a  jack-o-lantern so here ya go > Plan B: paint something pretty on your pumpkin and keep your grubby knife out of it.  These are from And while you're 
at it, I hope you did something awesome with that scare crow because he's going to hang around 'till Thanks giving.  I like this MJ one... I miss you, Mikey.

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This time of year there is an abundance of Pomegranates in the market.  As a child growing up in NJ, I was sure these were called Indian Apples and I looooved them.  As an adult I think they are beautiful little stain makers, more trouble than they're worth unless they come in a bottle labeled Pom.  If I were feeling adventurous and wanting to get at 
those little seeds efficiently I would do it this way  and then I would certainly reward myself with a Pomegranate martini like this one Oprah shared.  I am certainly no lush but I do enjoy a pretty drink when the moon is full and I don't want some dressed up sugary thing.  The tart pomegranate will do nicely, it's got that Boom-boom-Pow that I like.

Almost everywhere I look, people are having babies. Old people, too!   I will not drink from their well (in case there's something in their water) for all the yarn in the knit store but I will knit their little sunshine's something fun because it drives me a lil crazy to see babies without hats on when the weather is cold.  I found wonderful things like the flower hat from the Spring 2007 Knit It magazine , hair from Knitty and mohawks.  See for yourself. 

Once upon a time, in NJ, I used to enjoy the fall farmers market for the variety of foods, crafts and the hot, cooked foods.  A particular staple was the Sausage, green pepper and onion hero's.  There was nothing very special about them but do your own on a George Foreman grill and add Grey Poupon country style Dijon mustard and I will be on my way!  Quick, easy and kinda unhealthy.  Make a friend - burn some calories (^_~).  

Before you go, you gotta see this gadget: it's a Walnut Cable Wrap.  It's a handsome way to wrap your headphone cables when you're at the gym ... you do go to the gym, right?  If you're eating you really should go to the gym.  I discovered this blog while on Twitter, it's the Gadget Lab at and it's fantastic.

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  1. The painted pumpkins look great ,although I much prefer it as soup ,yum yum .The Pomegranate martini looks very tempting indeed, however,I feel that I would need several just to appreciate its true taste. Also, the woolen caps look just gorgeous , obviously the result of one of your highly creative Knit nights. So excellent as is your site too, Take Care ,Mal,.xx

  2. I agree - the painted pumpkins are much more appealing than the chopped up jack-o-lanterns!

  3. Eclectic collection, my favorite kind. I have to say my favorite was the baby fauxhawk, though. I may have mellowed with age, but I was a real punk back when punk was young... and so was I! Would have loved for my babies to wear a cap like that.

    Take care,
    Jessica Rosen

  4. I guess most people think I'm crazy (for more than just this).. Fall is when I come alive. I love the cool weather, sweaters, fall colors, the outdoors, and fall sports. I especially like that the bugs are gone! Those pumpkins will have to be on my to do list for next year. How cool is that?? The sausage sandwich.. YUM! Where can I get my "fauxhawk" hat??? Are they really just for babies?
    Great blog. Cheers!