Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall - Autumn

Autumn, which is the time of year here in Colorado*, is so vibrantly colored.  It seems to be hinting with  its magnificent splendor that it's almost time to turn on the heat!  This is fine by me, am really in the mood for some major cuddling that one simply can not commit to in the throws of summer, that hit and run season.  *Having international friends and followers makes me want to point that out.

Gourd vase by Allure Event Consulting is a lovely collaboration of fall Chrysanthemums and the autumn harvest.  I see the gourds at the Market and wonder what I can do with them. Remove a portion from the top, keeping throat in tact, shake out any seeds, slice thin piece from bottom to make them stand and add water to your instant vase for your fall flowers.

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While window shopping online for some unique fall decor, I came across this bit of fall fabulocity: Etsy April Hiler Designs  $22 USD 6" Autumn Pomander/Kissing Ball.  Ms. April had other intentions for this fantastic pomander but I thought it would be gorgeous to float above my kitchen table because it seems that at my house, my boys are frequently taking over the table and anything else would have to be moved so often that it would suffer mysterious damages and potential fatality at the hands of the infamous "I don't know" and his little wrecking crew of "wasn't me".  

One son of mine grew a sunflower forest this summer.  It was incredible and from his height it must have been ethereal and the stuff memories are made of.  Now though it's just scraggly and withered but to keep the fun going a little the cut down stalks can be used for a fall display.  I would suggest the decor because of my femininity but the lad could not be less interested so for him and you if you have them, the sunflower seed heads are a food source that you can leave outside for the squirrels and birds. Attaching like they do here a screw eye to the backside of a seed head and then inserting a cup hook into your deck or other wood post or part. Be sure to use pliers to close the cup hooks as much as possible for the safety of the critters.  I place the sunflower seed heads in my bird bath, I don't keep water in it because of the whole mosquito infection scare.  I've done this for years and have not had any ill side effects, I was concerned about rodents.  They need to eat too but the invitation is not for them.


Sunflower seeds are the incredibly arranged gift of the sunflower and an anti-inflammatory with cardiovascular benefits while loaded with Vitamin E.  Once upon a time, and perhaps still today, Native Americans used sunflower seeds to make pudding, gravy, bread and coffee. When combined with dried fruits, the seeds also make a sweet and nutty snack.

mini recipe:

2 cups raw sunflower seeds, 1 cup raw pumpkin seeds, 1 cup pine nuts, 1 cup raisins, 1 cup sweetened, dried cranberries (Craisins)

Measure the ingredients into a paper bag, fold over the top of the bag and shake to mix. Store the mixture in an airtight plastic container. Makes 6 cups.

Nature in all it's fascinating glory begs to be mimicked just as my yarn stash begs to be used.  I found this is a lovely crochet hat pattern for what appears to mimic the beautiful sunflower.  It will fit a child and has instructions for infant sizes.  In this basic form  it's certainly  nice but even more so if you attach a beautiful faux flower to one side.


  1. The Gourd vase together with the fall chrysanthemums is really loverly, as is Colorado at this time of year.Along with your Etsy April Hiler Autumn Pomander (Kissing Ball-Definately my favourite,xx),and the crochet hat patten are just gorgeous,and really quite beautiful as is your website too. Take Care ,Mal,xx.

  2. What a most excellent idea those Gourd vases are. I'd often stare at them while grocery shopping thinking "can I eat it??". Pretty cool. And, sunflower seeds an anti-inflammatory? I never knew. Guess I'll be muching on them more. I should probably buy the "already shucked" as I'm sure my better half wouldn't enjoy the constant "ptooieee".
    Fall, my favorite time!!
    Thanks Olive