Saturday, March 6, 2010

I'm longing for spring...or even a sign of spring. I'm getting tired of waiting so I think I'll begin without it by planning for it. This time:
  • Gardening: extending Peonies
  • Decor: Bird Cage? Try Bird Aviary, at home
  • Project: Knit tech cover XM cover
  • Foods: Garden onions, first of spring veg
  • Technology: download
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I'm mostly into flower gardening but I tuck in herbs, tomatoes, fiery peppers and red potatoes every year among my blossoms. Spring onions, perennials with lovely purple balls atop long slender stems are the first food item to make an appear and in my garden. Cutting them here and there before they flower really helps brighten all sorts of dishes but we're going with Salmon because they're on the move in the spring also. Here is an Asian recipe for Salmon with spring onion sauce , which calls for the spring onion and fresh ginger. I hope you enjoy this.

Peonies are a favorite flower of mine with their robust blooms bursting with
enthusiasm and the glossy digits of their foliage remind me of the graceful hands of a dancer. So romantic and generous their gifts, but here's the thing, they do not play hard to get! They just throw themselves at you, blooming all at once, insisting to be noticed as if any could ever miss them. I think they're a little insecure but that's just me. Here's a little trick to delay the joy of some of your
See full size image
beauties, cut them when the color just starts to show on the buds, (see photo) remove most of the leaves and pop them in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. When you're ready, plunk the beauties in a vase and in a couple of days they'll start all that look-at-me-madness they do so well.

Techno Knit
So these little creations were knit by some kind and generous soul intending to
share a baby tube sock pattern with the world. Nice, huh? I look at this and I see something which will cover my XMSatelite radio iPod thingy, camouflage it to be exact in order that I don't have to remove it each time I get out of the car. My Thought is that it would discourage the less ambitious thief because they're generally in a hurry and like to make their time count and are less likely to invest time into the unknown. I see this in black or something matching your cars interior. Double your cast on amount if you have an iPod Touch, also increase your length as needed. Pattern is by the lovely Cameron Delaney at eHow.

So you have some of the wonderful technologies available now. You ever think to yourself that you're not really getting the most use of what you have? One way to get more use from your modern toy is by downloading a good book. I recently downloaded Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth, he reads it himself. You could go with any genre, there is so much available and besides, it will make you a more interesting conversationalist at the spring holiday meal =)

Hope is a thing with feathers...
There is an adorable little dove living at my house, goes by the name of Puppet. He really is a peaceful little creature and I like that silly way his head seems to express so much with it's
bobbing. Curiosity is what he mostly seems to be, and sometimes frightened. The latter he signals by glandular fall out if you know what I mean. I don't find this at all amusing no matter how cute he is and that is why I am happy to have discovered "FLIGHT SUITS" the glam term for bird diapers. Puppet likes to visit us in the family room, or so I am told and due to my aversion to bird feces on furniture, I was reluctant for him to do so until discovering this Flight Suit. You want to get your wings, er, hands on one? They can be found in some pet stores locally but of course you can get practically anything on line, this one is from DJ's Feather Aviary for starting prices of $21.


Speaking of birds as pets, it's very nice for your pet to have a home which mimics his original habitat but if he's going to live with you you want it to function for you as well. You, you, you =) I really mean me, who am I kidding. With all that in mind, I did some research an
d came up with this bit of spectactularosity. Be quiet. I know that is not a real word, nonetheless here ya go: Armoire to Aviary as described by the self proclaimed empress of creativity. This innovative mama has my vote, she turned an armoire, which can be found used for cheap, re-purposed it into and aviary with a branch build in, chicken wire and paint. She also added a pull out drawer for the poopskies.

Well, what did you think? See anything you'll try? I'd love to hear from you =) Comment by clicking on the pencil.


  1. A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour..............................................

  2. There is much to enjoy about your garden at this time of year the peonies,the fact that you can freeze them is such an advantage too, as the buds release their beautiful foliage & fragrance.
    Also ,your Armorie to Aviary is just fantastic , such creative genius. Lots of loverly items to tempt and inspire as usual- well done, take care , Mal.

  3. Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live.............................................

  4. I love your style of writing, Olive! You are clearly very positive and energetic (something I already knew), and it shows through your expression!

    I very much enjoyed reading this! Looking forward to checking out more!