Friday, April 9, 2010


During a giddy spring break trip to beach euphoria, I gathered a ton of shells and took the sandy, smelly treasures home only to wonder what the heck to do with them. Of course that is my favorite thing, to say “What now”, but said with feeling. See, I learned this little phrase from my son which I know I’m completely miss using according to him because when he gives a smack down, he does this in your face thing and says “What now, son?! What now?!” Anywho, that’s the way I like to draw forth my creativity. Here is "What now?" with sea shell projects and a delicious seafood recipe idea. I also spotted fish net crew socks worn with sandals at my favorite source of cash depletion, J. Crew and recalled a delightful pattern from years ago that I’ve been meaning to knit which I’ll share. During my beach romp, I found that I needed a hoodie when the sun dipped low, and if you’ll pardon my randomness as I make the connection to this very small knit hoodie promising to use only one skein (much less, really) and offering to hold your ear buds.

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with those shells, I mean. I subscribe to this line of thinking when it comes to crafts: Keep nothing and no one in your house that you do not view as beautiful and or useful.Thinking in this manner helps me decide on crafts to make or purchase, people to put up with, teehee. Anyway, so I did some research and discovered these lovelies:

the hemp tassel, in my home I hang tassels on every door, front and back, like earrings. I try to theme them and collect them on my travels. Fashioning one from beach exploration also appeals. Beach glass is the only litter I like, it looks magnificently refreshing in a floral arrangement and hold your flowers where you want them. The shell thingamajigger is actually an antique night light, seems someone made it and likely wet drilled a hole where necessary for the placement of a light bud. The top hinges to expose a night light, and there ya go: something useful. You could use it to hold small treasures like rings, coins, fragrance crystals, tooth fairy money...By the way, I would totally gild (gold leaf) that shell compilation, it's a little vanilla for me and face it, I am simply not so organic minded as to settle for basic.


While visiting tide pools of La Jolla Beach in Cali, during a low tide, I had the
opportunity to behold the spectacular magnificence of sea anemones, crabs and meandering sea lions. I discovered the tiniest crab there, and I do mean tiny, about the size of an soy bean, and he was fascinating to behold. I held him in the palm of my hand, observing him for nearly an hour before having to go. I considered taking him home with me but how, where... airport security, it just couldn't happen. It's just as well because I don't know how I would explain this Crab cake recipe to him, and it would seem so cannibal. For you gourmet animal protein consumers, this here scrumptious crab cake recipe would dish up nicely in a clean crab shell when baked or deep fried. Or you could certainly use the openings of a large clam or other shell to get your schmancy on. Great for guests or occasions where memories are waiting to be made.


I refer to slugs... California's landscape was lush with greenery, flora and fauna spilled from every structure, citrus trees scented the air and I was certain this was not far from Eden. I noticed also that slugs were abundant here with the humidity and the incredible greenery, California must be the ultimate salad bar for them. A slug clan can decimate a garden in mere days, so while I am a live and let live kind of girl, all bets are off in my garden. I've managed these slime balls in the past with beer in a tuna can, as lure to drown the little buggers. I
don't usually have beer on hand and have to make a special trip to get some so I was pleased to learn that grape juice will do the same thing: lure the slugs and they will drown in it. Use tuna cans because they are easy to camouflage in the garden, I partly bury them to ensure garden pests have little trouble stumbling in... and of course drowning. There are methods of discouraging slug entry to your garden, they don't enjoy dragging themselves over pennies as the cooper properties irritate them. Neither do they like scratchy surfaces. Some fellow gardeners pour salt on them or keep a screwdriver handy for impaling garden slugs. I find that all too hands on and prefer allowing them to drown overnight and then toss them out in the morning.


Amy King of Boogie Knits has a sock pattern she calls Lolita Toes, I book marked it on my computer some time ago, years actually, and then I saw this look at J. Crew, where model wore pair of ankle boots with little fish net sockies... completely appealed to my parochial intermingled sense of self: socks and shoes... all sorts of shoes, socks with heels, booties, you name it. To me, those booties she is wearing, they totally call for sexy little fish net socks because how are you going to get your saunter on with no socks? Can you say "stinky" you will if you don't wear any socks. Knit some and make your own little
one skein wonders, go see Lolita toes, also at Ravelry the premiere knit and crochet pattern.


Speaking of knitting and the sea, it was at the oceans edge when suddenly the hoodie thing began to make sense to me. It whispered to me when the wind began to blow
"a hoodie would be nice right about now". Now, I didn't see myself knitting a hoodie, well not a life sized one, but one for my ear buds makes sense. Huge leap from hoodie to ear buds, I know - here's the connection: I don't really like shoving them all unwound into my bag because I suspect that wrapping them is going to lead to trouble. And of course, being anal retentive, I saw a pattern a long time ago for an ear bud hoodie at Wendy's Intertwinement. Seems you stuff your hoodie with ear buds peeking out of the hood and connection comes through the waist which has a draw string tie. I bet you could purchase one skein of ridiculously expensive yarn or use up something leftover for this project and be the envy of your knit-geek friends. If not, I know your inner nerd will be delighted. Knit hoodie pattern here. What? You don't knit? I don't understand that, no habla but here is how: learn with this cute and completely useless hat pattern/instructions at the big knit and incidentally enough, if you buy one of their hatted drinks, your are donating a portion of the sale goes to help feed malnourished in the UK.

Underwater Nano

I've often wanted to take pictures underwater, scuba diving or of the kids and I found this and thought uou may want to know this the next time you head towards the seaside: The H2O Audio case turns an iPod nano 5G into underwater camcorder, allowing you to capture images underwater for about $80. This H2O Audio Capture Waterproof Case promises to allow you to utilize all of your favorite iPod nano (5th Gen) features including music playback and video recording, in, around, and completely underwater.

Well, what did you think? See anything you'll try? I'd love to hear from you =) Comments are always welcome (hint hint) just by clicking on the pencil.


  1. I absolutely adore your sense of creativity and wonder! It's refreshing and fun, and it's certainly a delight to read. I can think of at least two people (girl friends of mine) who would look fantastic in those fish net socks! :)

    Thanks for sharing your vision of things with us!! It's excellent! :)

  2. 天可補,海可填,南山可移,日月既往,不可復追。......................................................

  3. The hemp tassel is marvelous. I want one! Guess I better schedule a trip to the beach this summer, huh?

  4. hi K.M.! I love the tassel, too! I made it my twitter background. Glad you liked it and thx for commenting


  5. Hi FictionalSaint,
    thanks for leaving a comment. You are welcome to leave a your link when you comment... I should put that in my BLOG!!


  6. Wow, such a sense of creativity and sheer wonder, as a kid I would chase crabs along the beach & under rocks for hours, and your crab cake recipe sounds great ,lots of good interest ideas too, you sure are a very talented Lady, take care - Mal..x

  7. Nice Post~!!!. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  8. I recognise your first image of the blue mussel shells as belonging to my sister but I cannot see that you have given a credit to Evelyn Flint Photography.


  10. Carolyn Saxby above is correct - the first image in your post is mine. It would have been nice to have been asked first before you used my image and a credit or a link back to my Flickr image ( would be nice...