Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Can a supple and curvy chaise such as this have a place on a bucket list or are bucket lists limited to adventures?  If so, I'll figure a way to work this chaise into that format... until then I can certainly make that neck roll pillow shown. Neck roll pillows, also called bolsters, are fa-bu neck support. Find pattern for one here add a couple of unique tassels at each end which speak of travels or drip with some other sentiment. 

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Vietnamese Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce

1. Vietnamese rol
ls shown above (recipe Cooking Light) Have you ever had these? Light and full of flavor, I make these every chance I get and have always replaced the peanut oil with  vegetable oil, omitted the peanuts because of nut allergies and still find it tastes authentic and satisfying.  The rice paper may intimidate you so I will let you know that I purchase it at Asian markets and even international markets. It is tricky to work without a demo so maybe you'll enjoy this valuable video because while the rice paper isn't expensive it is fragile if not handled correctly.  Gratuitous stuffed shrimp recipe which hasn't a darn thing to do with this article, just a squirrel which distracted me, heheh.

Mango Spring Roll by dapan
2. Mango Spring Roll <~recipe. Had lunch at an Indian Curry type of restaurant and discovered whilst making only necessary slurpy noises with a mango soup, that in India there are more than 50 varieties of mango's... heaven?  That thought tied up my salivary glands for quite a while as did this little recipe. I hope you'll give this a try when mangoes are plentiful where you live. How on earth does one slice mangoes into fingers? Ask no more, here's how in 1:37 seconds (omit cutting into cubes).

3. Breakfast Rolls, easy fast enough that it's child's play, decadent enough that adults will want more. Don't believe me? Using purchased puff pastry (one of my favorite things in life) or even refrigerated crescent rolls, do this: Combine a fair amount of sugar with a couple drops of vanilla because vanilla is potent. Set aside and unroll and seam together pastry using a pastry roller if necessary, creating a rectangular sheet much longer than wide.  When vanilla sugar has become one, spread onto the dough leaving a half inch margin all around.  Roll, beginning at the widest part, until you have a log. Then cut/slice into 6 logs and bake according to pastry directions.

4. Ginger (and ground meat) Lettuce Wrap recipe from Food People Want (recipe) ok, they do theirs with ground pork but mmm, I like ground turkey or even tofu. My reason purely silly, I don't eat pork because well, pigs are fat and I can't get beyond that in my brain housing group. And they smell funny when you cook them, except bacon and pancetta.  I always order these at PF Chang's restaurant and one day decided to make my own and these were every bit as divine. 

Sushi hand rolls

5. Sushi hand rolls (Temaki-zushi) cooked shrimp and smoked salmon here, (RECIPE) so cringing not necessary from all the squeamish never-try-anything-new types. This recipe has fresh cucumber, carrots, avocados and scallions, it's light and can be as spicy as you like with wasabi paste. I discovered that my local grocery store carries wasabi and ginger in a tube as well as garlic and pesto sauce, the latter tasting too much of citric acid to even smack of worthy, though. 

Bonus Roll: Strawberry Swiss Roll, pumpkin log roll...
are two others I've blogged which you may find delicious here in this previous edition of ORH.

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  1. Olive, you made me hungry! You didn't post anything I wouldn't eat. Well. Maybe not the bolster. You're killing me with the shoe ads. : D

  2. Just adore your neck roll pillows - so relaxing ,as my hunger is increasing for your Vietnamese , Breakfast and Strawberry Swiss rolls - yummy. So many exciting and interesting things to enjoy , so excellent, love your site too , hugs , Mal,..xx

  3. Hey Ezzy!! Thanks for commenting! Love it. All of the recipes so EASY and I hope you try one and tell us about it.

    Speaking of shoes: I have a shoe surprise coming up, soon!

    I hope you'll tell your friends about this site!


  4. hi 張雅筑張雅筑,

    "Great minds think alike"? Sounds like you were thinking of a great roll recipe... mind sharing?


  5. Greetings Mal!!

    I really enjoy your comments. One day I want to hear that you made a recipe here!


  6. Olive, gosh what an honour that would be for sure to make it on your beautiful page.Thanks for the complement , Hugs , Mal...xx

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