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You've been "grazing" for weeks, blame it on the holidays... but you  still need a delicious plan for cutting that crap out. You know you've got to switch to lower fat, calories, carbs but your taste buds are still delighting in the naughty, carefree catastrophe you've been indulging in and bland fare won't satisfy at this point.  That's ok, we can fool a taste bud just like your mother did when you were 4: with a condiment!  Yes, adult palate condiments and not something silly like catsup or ranch dressing.

Image  source: Mark Reigelman’s ‘Bite’ silverware collection  

First, you're going to grill or bake lean proteins, add plenty of vegetables: roasted or grilled, decrease your carbs by half and then a CONDIMENT with (top or on the side) your protein (seafood, meat/tofu/veggie burger) to quiet your spoiled taste buds which crave excitement formerly known as fat and calories and carbohydrates.  A great one to try is:

You know, the green salsa.  It has a great flavor pop from the zing of the tomatillo (think green tomato) and comes in heat options like mild to put the bathroom tissue in the cooler.  Most condiment makers carry a version of salsa verde or you can make your own with a recipe like this one from CLOSET COOKING, but where you're going to get tomatillo's from I just don't know.  Good luck with that!

Since we're already in the Latino state of mind.  You can purchase this but it's excellent freshly made and easy to prepare if you have a sharp knife handy.  CLOSET COOKING also has a simple pico de gallo recipe because pico de gallo is merely tomatoes, onions, garlic, cilantro, lime and jalepenos if you're not faint of heart (+salt & pepper).

Other big flavors to try with your boring baked or roasted  protein, salad and the other dull healthy foods are: dijon mustards, balsamic vinaigrette, squeeze of lime, soy sauce, or Sriracha which was recently Bon Appetit magazine's condiment of the year.  Oh, that Sriracha (rooster sauce), a chili sauce,  will gladly burn your face off if you are a spicy heat virgin but you can stir it into a plain, low fat yogurt and have a sour heat experience which is enjoyable with seafood such a crab cakes, shrimp and or fish.

Other *OR shared/found recipe "blasts from the past" are the Criminal Crab cake found here(scroll down) and the Pesto sauce which can serve as a condiment (substitute basil or other leafy green like spinach if basil is not available to you).

Do you have a reasonably healthy condiment that I didn't mention? Just leave a comment with your great idea!  Thanks for reading and let me know if you found inspiration in any of the condiment options.

*OR=Olive Rosehips

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