Monday, December 31, 2012


    While having a debate over QR codes with a witty, albeit unarmed nay sayer, I learned some opinions against QR codes.  Chris was his name and he pronounced vehemently that QR codes “blew it!” and that people don’t scan them anymore.  He even backed this up with facts that he collected from an entire one person: himself.  I listened and took mental notes because Chris’ boldness represents the polite folks who may be thinking what he is thinking.  I recognized that Chris and others have been unimpressed with prior QR code experiences but were very aware of their potential.  If he were indifferent with QR codes I would have believed him a degree more but it seemed to me that he wanted to like them.  I agreed with Chris on some things, such as: who wants to scan a code just to visit a website?  I wouldn’t necessarily feel compelled to do that.  I also tend to ignore QR codes that hide in the bottom corner and don’t provide a call to action.  QR codes, in general, remain rock stars even if they aren’t largely being strategized effectively.  The disappointment reminds me of this comparison: if you have an awesome Smart phone and only use it for calls; the phone is still great but you, you need to take advantage of the phone’s potential.

I showed Chris some branded QR codes with great calls to action that linked to engaging content.  I wasn’t merely trying to shut him down, I wanted him to respond about his experience because I knew I could count on him to be honest.  I put a custom QR code in front of him and I did not ask him to scan it.  He could not resist.  He said “Do you want me to scan that?” and I said “If you want to” and he was noticeably eager to.  He proclaimed that if more QR codes were customized like this one, he would be curious about scanning.  The good looking QR code contained catchy music and an inspiring ski video.  The video was somewhat long, at 5 minutes, but I could not get Chris’ attention until it was over.  I enjoyed chatting with Chris and I don’t think he minded having his negative opinion about QR codes shut down.  I would have asked him if he minded but he was busy scanning all of the QR codes in my portfolio.

Check out this QR code by Swanson Flavor Boost .  The actual black and white QR code still lacks visual appeal from multimedia graphics standpoint, the call to action doesn’t whet the whistle alone but once scanned, the QR code does not disappoint.  Strategize with a professional today on a graphic QR code with a video embedded, branded QR code is a great ROI from which you benefit from measurable mobile engagement with your consumers.  Professional QR codes offer quicker scanning, measurable scan tracking, and even the potential of changing the message in the code without reprint or redesign.

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