Sunday, January 13, 2013


You see them.  Even if you personally ignore them QR (quick response) codes are practically everywhere and that is why you can no longer afford to stick your head in the sand.   You can try telling yourself that they are not that big a deal and you will be behind the crowd.  QR codes are the future of marketing and THE FUTURE IS PRESENT.

Yes, yes, QR codes have had a very bland induction, where they sent scanners on a pointless journey, usually to an URL.  They were babies; you experimented when you were young, too, and you were also forgiven and then taken seriously when you were no longer wet behind the ears.  
QR (quick response) codes are scannable images containing embedded information that loads onto smart phones and mobile devices when scanned with an app like i-nigma (which is free, by the way).  Your purchases are scanned at retail stores this same way but using a bar code reader.

New technology can be great but admittedly also a little vague and sometimes even intimidating.  The profitability factor of adding a custom QR code to your marketing in this era where over 75% of the population is holding a smart phone: staggering!  You see, a plain, black and white QR code is easy to ignore.  You know because you do it all the time.  Try to pass by something like this.  You know you are curious to know what this code does.  So are consumers and potential clients.  Add one to your business card and suddenly you don’t have to get all sale-sy.  Include one at the end of your presentation and incredibly, you can increase sales because your audience is flowing with the momentum!  Put one on your vehicle and wherever you park people can tune in to the video you have in your custom QR code.  
See a professional about branding a QR code for you.  A custom campaign will be developed around your goals and you will find yourself suddenly and easily in the present and out of the sand. creates custom, graphic QR codes that scan super-quick, track the number of scans received at different locations, and can change your message without redesigning your QR code.  Call a friendly professional today at: 719/428-5451.  Email: and get your questions answered. 

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