Wednesday, April 17, 2013


What is SMO?  

SMO stands for Social Media Optimization and it is the process used to increase awareness of a brand through the use of social media outlets and communities. The sharing of your content generates awareness of your brand, service, product or event.  

As a business, you want people to see your message and helping people easily view your content through entry points like QR (quick response) codes gets people to your website and any other online destination you have in mind.   

Why care about SMO?

Social networks (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest) drive traffic to websites in ever increasing amounts.  Search engines are utilizing the recommendations of social network platforms to rank pages in search engine results (the process of SEO) so when a page gets a like, it is seen as a vote for that pages quality.  Using a branded QR code improves your SMO and increases your SEO.

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While chatting recently with a Juice Plus representative, I noticed she had colorful key chain fobs dangling with small Juice Plus containers.  I inquired about them and she smiled.  This lady was paying for her QR code design at the time and she went on to tell me how those small containers have provided so many opportunities to begin a conversation with people, some of whom go on to become customers and more.  I knew immediately why I did not have to tell her about the benefits of graphic QR codes because they have the same advantage and more.

Graphic QR codes get people talking.  Graphic QR codes increase SMO. Increased SMO also increases SEO. Want to know more or you just want a branded QR code, please call today.  We make codes for customers around the world. 719/428-5451.

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