Friday, June 5, 2009

In the Garden

I've been in the garden this week.  That's my bleeding heart, the plant, silly.  When I awaken each morning, I can't wait to get outside and garden.  Sometimes it seems like I'm just pulling out the infernal grass that keeps showing up and I think I'm not gardening at all.  I'm doing something but grassing somehow doesn't capture it.  In the morning, the world seems clean, and I'm so quiet that the birds do their thing nearby and don't seem to mind me.  I piked a strawberry today and just ate it without washing it.  Hehe, I know, I am a brave one.  I have all sorts of flowers and tucked in here and there are vegetables.  I like to stretch the rules and twist them into something I can live with.  I've met a ton of new friends on TWITTER and I swear they're the strawberries in my flower garden of life: they're sweet and colorful.  One even showed me his red socks...isn't that cool?

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  1. Olive: you're just as delightful here as you are at Pen 10. Enchanted (again).