Saturday, June 27, 2009

It’s All About the Jiggle



I have a thing for jello: I stash Jello fruit cups next to my bed to devour when the craving strikes at night and you know that commercial? The one where they have someone sucking the jello from the cup?  Not lady like I know, but they could have got that idea from me because many  times I forget to bring my spoon.  Having a reputation to keep, real or imagined, I felt the need to elevate myself to jello connoisseur and up the bar on my jello game.  My research has shown that jello can be both fun and gorgeous.  The real beauty is that it's easy to make and gelatin lends itself to creativity.  Nearly any cocktail, soda, fruit juice can be turned solid just by adding a gelatin, pouring into a mold and chilled in the fridge.  Take all the care you would as if you were mixing a great cocktail and remember that the longer the gel sits in the fridge the firmer they get.  They also soften a little as they sit at room temperature.  Try using silicone ice cube trays and slicing in half on the diagonal to make an elegant presentation.  The easy way to prepare is to pour gelatin mixture into plastic wrap lined baking pans and once set.  Firm jell shots can be picked up like appetizers with the fingers. 

Blueberry  jello, uses fresh, beautiful blueberries in silicone ice tray for easy removal, slice on a diagonal to get your schmancy on.  I would make this without alcohol but  I'd like to note that this particular recipe for Blueberry Martini Jelly shots is actually made with Stoli blueberry vodka and simple syrup.

this Champagne Jello Terrine on the left is made with 4 cups fresh fruit in a loaf pan.  

The champagne here is Prosecco , French champagne's Italian cousin, which will give a different taste hint when combined with different foods.  Each bite of this Terrine will have a new taste.  The strawberry Rhubarb Terrine on the right is a traditional and wonderful pairing of tart and sweet.  Recipe from Elise.

I found this Go, team, go! Jello   to be such a clever and spirted party starter.  It is also called Broken Glass Jello or Stained Glass Jello is easy to make with flavored Jello, Knox unflavored gelatin and sweetened condensed milk.  This one is 2- 3oz boxes lemon and one 6 oz box grape.


Remember where we started?  I said it was all about the jiggle which brings me to this: delicious Champagne Boob.  Tee hee. It is a foamy champagne gelatin that is light and refreshing and happens to look ... like girl parts.  Calls for fruit as aer-I'm not going to spell that, but it is a small bit of citrus.  The entire thing comes together in a martini glass which has been sprayed with cooking spray.  You won't taste the spray and it allows for the release. If you don't wish to have this as aphrodisiac, just leave it in the martini glass. These are good when they are a little soft but you knew that didn't you?!  

 Baileys & Coffee & Jello cubes 

This recipe is adapted from Recipe Zaar original

3 pkgs 1/4 oz gelatin granules

very strong, hot coffee

5 T brown sugar

1 c. Baileys Irish Cream

1/2 c. whipping cream

This is a dish best made a day ahead.

  1. Prepare 2 packets jello using coffee to replace water
  2.  Add brown sugar and mix to dissolve, allow to dissolve
  3. Using an 8x8 pan, line with plastic wrap, fill with coffee jell and refrigerate for 3 hours
  4. Prepare remaining jell by dissolving in water
  5. Heat whipping cream until warm. Stir jello into whipping cream until dissolved. Add Baileys and combine
  6. Let cool, but don't let it set. Remove coffee jell from fridge and carefully pour the Baileys mixture onto the coffee jello.
  7. Return to fridge and chill for approx 6 hours or overnight
  8. Remove the Bailey's coffee jello with the plastic wrap from the container, sprinkle with coconut or powdered sugar.
  9. Cut into diagonal 1 inch cubes using a sharp, thin knife.  Serve immediately or return to fridge





  1. How Creative! Wow! those Bailey's cubes look yummilicious! ;-)

  2. Wow, I have never been a jello fan but that Blueberry Jelly shot & the Bailey's one sound awsesome, I may just have to try them! Yummy!