Monday, June 8, 2009


My friend Ejay loves sushi and I told him that he could make it at home.  He thought I meant raw fish sushi...uh, no.  Sushi means seasoned rice, the other ingredients are up to you.  At my house we use scrambled eggs a la microwave oven, cream cheese, smoked salmon, cooked shrimp, all sorts of vegetables.  My 10 year old is the best at rolling sushi or creating sashimi after showing him only once.  He often uses lettuce and sorts of cheese slices with his and adds wasab before rolling.  One thing I like to do is take a tablespoon of cooked sushi rice and put it into a plastic sandwich bag, then take a small piece of smoked salmon and little cream cheese and place on top of rice and squeeze it together in bag into the shape of an egg.  They look like rice eggs and when dipped into wasabi soy sauce blend I like them.  Please give this video a try.  I found everything I needed in the common grocery store but it's fun to explore the local Asiana market.

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