Thursday, June 3, 2010


 <~~ that's "POSH" Beckham... I enjoy having go-to attire so I can be stylish on a moments notice without a moment's thought. From head to to, this casual look is timeless, the simple monotone will work on any body type. Yes, I know her jeans are tight as heeeello, so use your discretion, no one said you had to mimic precisely but note: jeans should "fit" for this look because we're going for loose on the top and you can't have a loose fitting top and bottom without coming across as sloppy.  Aw, don't go thinking that you have to be a skinny mini to wear this, all the ladies think they have to be skinny to look good but ask any man and he will tell you he likes it when he smacks that arse and gets a soft response. So let's analyze this: 

  • side part then pull your straight or straightened hair off to the side, making a sleek ponytail if necessary (don't forget the hair stay product)
  • glamorous over-sized sunglasses (no bug looks tho)
  • cotton shirt, loose fit ( you don't have to tuck this in)
  • skinny jeans (but similar capri's are ok, too)
  • bangle watch
  • you really should wear a belt unless you want to sell crack (^_~)
  • shoe options for skinnies (skinny jeans)
For that Shirt:
      See full size image
    1. You aren't going to find that cotton shirt, you're going to buy a plain crew collar one in a shade which creates a mono-tone with you jeans. It should fit a little loose because you want it slouchy to compliment your little jeans without looking like, well, just trust me on this. Target website shows them at 9.99.
    2. Then you are going cut the cut the neckband off to make it stretchy, don't wimp out here, it will be ok. Also cut bottom half of one sleeve.  
    3. Next, let's do something with string and scissors, shall we?  Using needle and thread in a color close to your shirt, you are going to double about18" of your thread and knot the bottom. 
    4. Begin below to hide your knot, sew a (wide separation) running stitch from top of sleeve to bottom and then back up, pull to create a slight shirr, then take needle below again and knot, cut. Do one side. 
    5. For the other sleeve, notice hers is drapey, remove hem and remove underarm seam. Also, remove bottom hem of t-shirt for continuity.
    Not feeling brave with the scissors? Try this on a shirt you don't love and see what you think.

    Chanel Ballet Flats
    Flats work with skinnies, as do wedges and stiletto's. Consider your terrain before making your selection.

    Water bottle
    Remember to stay hydrated! There are so many water bottles on the market right now made to assist your planet conscious self. Some come with charcoal filters to clean your tap water.  I found a nice selection at R.E.I. which also had good looking camel-backs but if you buy a plastic bottle of water for sake of convenience, I hope you'll be sure to recycle it.

    Comments always welcome!!