Sunday, June 13, 2010


This arrangement, it's plant contents and directions found here at HGTV.COM

      Ssssssucculents, doesn't that just flow off the tongue?  These are the plants with the fleshy leaves which retain water and can go for long periods of time without water. Aloe is probably the most common succulent. Succulents are excellent options for people who live in arid (dry) regions or those who just plain forget to water their plants.  I like them for patios or entryways and I'll tell you why: I don't have a water source right at my front door nor do I want conspicuous hosing rigged to water my entryway containers.  

          Succulents come in many shapes, sizes and colors and you're sure to find the one to make the statement you want to make.  Consider these, and I pardon me that I can't provide each plant name, however, you can always print the picture and take it to your local Home Depot, Lowe's or plant nursery and pick up these or ones with similarities.  I've gardened for many years now and my philosophy is to pick up a plant which grows in my area and looks like the one in the pictures. I've arrived at this position after having purchased plants which don't thrive in my area and coddled and cajoled just to have my investment wither.  So save yourself some greenbacks and get a similarity which works in your part of the planet.  

These are some of the more common succulents, main ingredients in the arrangements that follow: 

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Kalanchoe thyrsiflora commonly called flapjacks or paddle plant.......>
aeoniums (Aeonium) above left and the genus Echeveria (centet), which includes hens-and-chicks.


Keep in mind that any of these succulent arrangements would look wonderful in a tall container at your front or back entryway and you can water these minimally according to your plant hardiness zone. I live in Colorado (which is generally zone 5) and find that while some of these succulents overwinter just fine, others must be lifted and brought inside when the frosts hit. 

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  1. Absolutely stunning! I clicked the link (on twitter) not knowing what to expect and I must say I was amazed.

    P.S. Your blog has a new look...very nice!

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  3. Your presentation is just delightful as are your Aeoniums ,of which I have several growing in my garden.Succulents are among some of the hardiest plants available and are extremely suitable for the hottest & driest conditions & yet still manage to look so Stunning - Well done , Mal...

  4. Hi Mal,
    Thanks =) Yes, they are hardy and can endure the forgetful gardener. I have a trail of plant containers along a path which I add little pieces of succulents which I've pinched off here and there. More than half of my succulents have acquired and not purchased because you can pinch off a piece and it will wait patiently to be plunked into soil.

    Thanks again for your comment.

  5. pleasure to find such a good artical! please keep update!!.................................................................