Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's a Wrap

Do you enjoy a beautifully wrapped present?  I do so much that I want to take it all in and just look at it awhile.  Usually the gift bearer urges me on and I give in with a sigh.  When I remember, I take a picture of the wrapped present, and yes, people think I'm crazy... Anywho, we're talking about wraps this time: food wraps, knit wrap patterns, "green" gift wraps.

I love it when people become followers of my blog.   I welcome comments.

I'm pleased that the United States is embracing the concept of going green, I've noticed almost every public place  has recycling opportunities readily available.  For me, recycling is not really a fad and I hope it isn't for you either. Once, a rather Bohemian Californian friend gave me a gift wrapped in a scarf held together with a lovely vintage pin.  I knew immediately that it was three gifts, a great idea, and something I would be sure to do whenever the opportunity presented itself.  Years later, I do not recall what was inside but I can still see the divine wrapping and remember the glorious feelings it imparted.  There is an actual term for this style of gift presenting, it is furoshki, an eco friendly japanese culture concept which promotes caring for the environment and reducing waste.  These can continue on as gift wraps or become scarf adornments but mostly know that they needn't be avant garde or ostentatious, a nice subtle fabric may be more to the liking and still absolutely wonderful.  Bobo wrapping scarf design has videos on making these lovely presentations found here

Do you ever want to just bring along bottles of wine to a dinner gathering but wish to do it with a touch of panache? Of course you do and that is why this 2 bottle wrap  these from BoBo comes in 48" styles :

Cuisine Wraps:

Abeego all natural and reusable food wrap is eco friendly food storage.  Really, though, I want to share a little recipe for food wraps.  Not necessary I know, because you can figure this out on your own but consider these recipes a little food inspiration:  recipes are a click away for an Asian lettuce wraps, avocado lettuce wraphealthy food wraps,  tortilla and lettuce base wraps. If you try any of these, I'd love to hear about it.  Please leave a comment after you wipe your hands and don't talk with your mouth full.  

Random thought, but people remark about the word gay like it's a negative thing so much so that I receive cringes whenever I use it.  Get a grip people because it's a lovely word and I love the gay little things which go along with being feminine, particularly the wraps I get to wear on cool evenings out.  I saw some wonderful potentials to knit and come on, you should share some of yours with me.  The ones I saw were at Ravelry, Knitty , and Stitch Diva and even unconventional places like this German site I found called Wollmeise which had this dazzling moebius wrap.   Not to worry though because there is an English translation for this pattern on the same page a little further down.  At left, right and center below are pattern source for Stolen Moments wrap, knit tissue cozy,  crochet Garden party wrap.
Ok, your turn, share a favorite wrap pattern with us here in comments.  Can't wait. ~Olive 


  1. What awesome ideas! Thank you so much! I'm off to try the stolen moments wrap....

  2. Jennifer, I would love to see it when you finish and hear about your progress! Have fun.

  3. Gosh you have such beautiful taste , especially the 2 bottle wrap and the cuisine wraps, great for dinner parties.The wrapping scarf,is great for winter too.Along with your focus on the green eco friendly concept, which is now here for us all. Congratulations on your presentation it is quite exquisite . Mal xx.

  4. Olive - great ideas. I've always been a recycling person but have never heard of, nor thought, of wrapping gifts in this extraordinary type of packaging!

    Thank you for teaching me something new, including so many great links and for your part in protecting our resources!

    Michelle @mmangen

  5. I especially love the vintage gift wrapping, which is something I try to incorporate into gift giving as often as I can. I love the elegance of your blog. Thanks for sharing your great ideas!