Thursday, July 5, 2012

Savvy Marketing Today

Word Of Mouth...

    Word of mouth is the absolute best advertising available: it is trust worthy, personable familiars providing feed back on their actual experiences with a product or service.  This ideal goal is called a “direct marketing” because selling points are spoken directly to the consumer.  Today's marketing and advertising has gotten quite sophisticated with social networks and strategies providing a platform that exposes messages to the masses who incorporate high technology into their lives.  With advertising messages inundating consumers, one has to wonder if people are becoming oblivious to the steady presence of online ads and scrolling past, not grazing any ads except the savviest eye catchers.

(Scan the QR code using free app RED LASER)

With marketing: aim out of the ballpark, right?  Absolutely.  Your marketing goal should be to be that savvy add that doesn’t get overlooked as well as one that taps into word-of-mouth advertising.  For those reasons, a smart marketing plan will include branded QR codes.  QR codes are square matrices scanned by mobile technology such as a smart phone or iPad that puts your information directly into the consumers phone or tablet which can then be easily shared by word of mouth and even a cool show-and-tell.

    While Americans are slowly getting on board with QR codes potential, impressive financial increases are being realized from QR code use around the globe.  In  crawl-before-you-run-style, QR code advertising in the US is largely through the incorporation of the black and white message embedded squares tucked into corners and embedded with URL’s.  That recipe will get you overlooked.

Consumers will whip out their phone to scan the attractive ad that answers the question: what’s in it for me?  Be the gold standard advertiser and have a branded QR code designed that answers the big consumer question by offering an incentive such as "Scan for your...", "A gift...", "Play to win...".   Suddenly you’ll have attention and you are portable enough to be shared and even displayed through the interactive word of mouth and mobile technology combination.  Aren’t you clever?

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Comments about QR codes? Questions abut how you can use QR codes in your advertising plan? Your feedback is always welcome. 

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