Friday, August 17, 2012

5 simple & effective things you can do with gorgeous, graphic QR codes:

  1. Transform Your Business Card Into a Sales Tool. With a graphic QR code, color, images and brands can be incorporated into the generic looking QR code along with your embedded message which could be contact information, a video of your product, a map to your location, or even go to an online scheduler which allows new contacts to sign up for a 15 minute appointment*.
  2. Screen Saver. Once you have a branded QR code image file, put it on your smart phone as a screen saver, that way you always have a business card on hand to share.  You take your phone with you and so does just about everyone else you want to know.
  3. Email.  Your email signature line may already include where to contact you.  People see signature lines so often that they don’t see them anymore unless you do something noteworthy such as add an interesting quote.  That single line wrapped in quotes has the reputation of being a fortune cookie for the mind so people read it.  With a call to action inside of quotes placed above QR code in your email signature area, you can capture that same short span of attention that would be given a quote because your contact wants to know what it says!  Yes, you can scan QR code from a computer monitor as long as the screen isn’t creating glare at the QR’s location.
  4. Mailing label. Mailing labels are just stickers waiting to happen.  Add your QR code image to mailing labels templates and print.  Use the “stickers” by affixing them to newspapers and distribute the papers complimentary to your favorite coffee shop or other places that people gather.
  5. Job Boards. Job boards offer a chance to post your business card with a tear-off edge and when they’re gone, they’re gone.  If you add a colorful, graphic QR coded message to your top sheet and when the tear-offs are finished, your message still has staying power! 

* designs eye-catching QR code!  Their professional level graphic QR codes scan quickly due to their process, are trackable for number of scans, and can change your embedded message without recreating the code.  QR Codes of Note™ can provide suggestions that will make your advertising campaign get the types of response you seek.  Schedule a 15 minute appointment and ask what QR Codes of Note

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