Monday, May 20, 2013

3 Ways to Get More Likes & Engagement on Facebook

3 Facebook strategies

Ask a question: Make it an Either/Or or a Yes/No question

Even though the average FB user checks status 14 times a day, s/he is actually busy and simultaneously interested in participating in something entertaining. Make interaction simple by asking questions that do not require a lot of thinking for a response. Try questions like would you prefer this food over the other, ask if you are ready for the weekend. This tip is not suggested for every post, but it is a great method to encourage some quick likes and even response.

Begin with “Click Like If...”
Calls to action are great - they make it easier for people to know what you want and many times people comply.  Try “Click “like” if you can’t wait to see latest ____” inserting something your audience can relate to.  Don’t over use this strategy. Try keeping it encouraging with “it’s easy to share this by clicking that share button”.

Share Photos that Your Audience Can Relate To
You want to post something that people will share so you need to seek images of things that are interesting or humorous. Otherwise, sharing is not going to happen. Images that catch the eye are great for posting.  Find something delightful by searching Google or Bing for example for humor/funny.

What do You Do to Get Your Fans to Respond? 

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