Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Facebook-ing Is Networking

Work Smarter:

Let’s say you have bought table or booth space at an event and realize that you are not seeing any new faces. The crowd is made up mostly of your networking croonies. You ask yourself every time: 

Q: Why do I keep doing this when I am not getting great results? 

A: You do it because you don’t know another way.
You hear your friend Mike talking about Facebook but you are not interested in social media because networking is your thing. Dude! Facebook is networking!! The average person on Facebook has about 141.5 friends. I have more and so do many of my friends but let’s move on. You have the business cards of people in your networking group so let us say you discover 50 of them that are using Facebook.

141.5 X 50 = 7,075 

Without paying for another table and spending another evening or weekend, and only using Facebook (which is free, by the way) you could be introducing your product/service to 7,075 new people.  You still think you don’t want to bother with Social Media? You still get to do the the whole table/booth renting thing if you want to, if only to collect people for your facebook campaign (Have people drop cards for a drawing!)
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Contact us right away if:
  • You use Facebook but aren’t seeing results.
  • The thought of using Facebook puts you in a crappy mood.
  • Facebook scares the beejeebers out of you.
  • You’re too old, cranky, tired or feel intimidated about using Facebook.

Confessions are not necessary!  For the Do-It-Yourself business person, we offer a Social Media Optimization package: after meeting with you for a brief strategy session, we design a customized content calendar which is made up of a month’s worth of unique content. We show you how to schedule this month of content so that you post once (daily posting is not necessary) and then ready you to optimize your interactions.  

We also offer Social Media hosting of agreed upon designed content. We incorporate Facebook’s targeted advertisement advantages (age, zip code, gender, key words, etcetera) to optimize your reach and your budget.

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