Thursday, June 27, 2013

Handling Customers on Social Media

Are your employees prepared to handle Social Media customers?
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When an untrained business professional begins a Social Media presence, one of the first things s/he does is post sales messages. The next thing they do is log off. Both activities are a colossal FAIL. 

1. A business using Social Media needs to be mindful that people are using Social Media as a social tool. Social Media is like a little party that is always going and people pop in and out.  Would you interrupt a live party to broadcast your commercial? If you did, people would want you to leave. On Social Media, there is a word for that, it is called an "Un-Follow" and that is exactly what people will do to your business page.

2. You posted a sale and then you logged off?  Now I ask you: is that being "social"? Would you "Like" (the facebook coveted marketing attention getter) a person if they came to your party and handed out their business card and then immediately left? What if someone had a question aobut your product or service? You would not be there to respond. If you returned 3 days later, the moment would be lost.

Those are the biggest business Facebook-ing FAIL's but this goes hand-in-hand:  if you haven't robbed your consumer of the opportunity to interact with you by logging out immediately after posting, the next mistake is still avoidable: If a customer asks a specific question, it should be answered with a specific answer and not a general "come on by and see". When providing customer service online, you are telling others more about your product or services. You are providing help-desk service and marketing your business simultaneously. 

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  1. Your post makes some interesting points. I remember reading a post asking the question should you hire a social media manager? I thought that was crazy until I started getting more involved. You need to be on top of this all the time.

  2. Hi Arleen, thanks for the comment. Yes, social media takes some management time! Many large companies as well as busy entrepreneurs out staff this responsibility rather than add it to the current work load. Right On Q manages social media accounts as well as designs 30 day supplies of Facebook posts.