Thursday, May 14, 2009


These beauties are famed as the aristocrats of climbers for their vivid hues and scattered bloom times that permit the gardener and those who enjoy the blooms, to have the eye candy of massive amounts of varied flowers throughout the growing season.  An equally enjoyable feature with the Clematis is that they frequently change color throughout their life cycle so there is much pleasure for the anxious gardener who wants constant reward. 

All that is rumor and things I've read.  So far, those clematis in my yard have managed to elude me.  At the beginnig of the growing season last year, someone yanked my little clematis specimen from the ground thinking it was a weed.  My remaining clematis, and I bought the largest one I could find, made 3 flowers.  Ok, it's still a little young.   I see the clematis in the yard up the street and I brought her lucky owner some lemonade and invited her to spill her secrets!  I followed what she said - let's see if my clematis does, too.

What I think I know about clematis is that they like to be planted up to elbow, they like their feet covered, they like to sunbathe.  Am I missing anything that you can think of?

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  1. Ok so I really did think it was a weed.. Sorry I'm not a garden gnome, if they're not an Iris, they look like weeds I need to pull. I promise, you'll have monster clematis vines everywhere one day. I'm already lining up more scaffolding.