Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fire Starters

I was told to cut back on the coffee and I'm determined not to let that get to me.  It's going a lot easier than I thought and I discovered that I am not a slave to coffee; I just like it.  Now there are all these tea bags in my life.  I look at everything and think "how can I recycle this" so these little bags of tea leaves were not spared.  I put some on my roses but that wasn't all that satisfying and of course I could compost them - when I get around to getting that compost bin.  Then I had that moment when it hit me:  I love to start fires in the backyard hearth/ fire pit.  These tea bags have "fire starter" written all over them!  This fun little recycle project will result some conversation worthy fire starter that lights moist or dry wood.  They would be great on a camping trip or in a chiminea.

Here's how it's going down and don't be a chump, read all the directions before commiting this act:

  1. Save tea bags, allowing them to dry out
  2. Using a double cooker method, a little pot with water at the bottom, bring 2" of water to a boil.
  3. Use a tin can, put unmelted wax in it (obtain from hobby store or general store canning section)
  4. When wax is fully melted, lower a tea bag into it briefly.  Use tongs if you have no string
  5. Raise tea bag and let some excess wax drip before cooling waxed tea bag on a piece of waxpaper or foil or parchment paper, whichever
  6. When cool, store for later use
You will get about 5 minutes and a 3 inch flame from these water proof fire starters. Remember to burn responsibly.

(It's been brought to my attention that someone feels I've "taken their idea".  I understand the confusion but please be assured that you and I are not the only persons on the planet who thinks to recycle tea bags in this manner.  Namaste.)

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