Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pomp for your Circumstance

While recently attending a graduation and watching a small girl attempt to save seats for friends and family, I thought there should be a simple thing a person can do in these instances.  Our event took place indoors and I thought that simple signs saying “These seats are reserved” would likely suffice if one was printed for each guest.  This is done elsewhere, why not do it yourself?  It occurred to me that some graduations, etc would likely take place outdoors this season and the question arose in my mind what to do about this on a windy day....Hmm, perhaps bullnose clips, double sided tape, small pebbles.  Or, great little idea, you could use tablecloth weights to both hold this printed paper to a simple placemat and weight down your sign.  The place mat could be a nice barrier between your bahooky and that dusty cement or what have you.  Problem solved!

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