Sunday, August 9, 2009


My son number one came to me with his  his favorite jeans in hand and said to me  “please fix these”.  Intent on granting his wish,  I inspected them and  knew with their damage they were no longer  wearable.  All need not be lost though, I decided.  I  held on to them as I considered how to repurpose them; something functional in order that he  could go on having good times with those favorite of jeans .   It came to me at the grocery store that I’d make them into a tote bag.  I  planned, wrote directions, executed my fine idea.  He came upon me in my making  of my gift and although I was not finished I did feel pleased with myself.  That is up until he asked with an exclamation point “You turned my jeans into a purse?!”.  "Oh, I, I... "  Sigh, so I have,  it’s what  happens when I think like a girl.  Well, maybe you can appreciate this pattern for the bag on the left.   I jotted down the instructions as I sewed it.   I've used it at the grocery store to cut down on using plastic grocery bags.   Mean while, I will figure out how to make this more rugged looking one on the right  as well as the cute one in the center and report back later.  No, I don't see him using that one either, he's not exactly the metrosexual type,  but I  am.  I just love semi-masculine things =).

I've been a recycler consciously since the age of 10 when I first heard the word and that was a long while ago.  I really have quite a love of antiques and vintage especially the minuscule utilitarian items whose original purpose requires wondering.  Vintage, in fact, was my first adult hobby.  In this time of “green” popularity I’m certain you also seek ways to re purpose.  Share? I love comments.  Follow this blog automatically by clicking the RSS button which says POST . Thank you for visiting =) .

No mere dust collectors for me as I am not really a fan of clutter so I personally only chose things I can use.    I am especially fond of classic architecture and things with a past. Wrought iron work has a beauty deserving of a recycle.  This piece of fencing works nicely as a headboard.  You can find bold treasures like this at architectural salvage stores in your local directory.  Diminutive and demure treasure can often be found at estate sales and certainly resale shops and tag sales.  I use an antique flower frog like the one on the right to hold pens in one room and makeup brushes in another. 

With a passion for cooking, I absolutely adore any  kitchen tool and am a fan of what quirks - such as these re purposed forks.  I count myself lucky when I happen upon nearly antique kitchen helpers and some say this is not re purposing.  I beg to differ, they could be headed towards the trash can.  I have a recipe for you to try, a recycle of sorts.  Frequently the rice remains when ordering take out and mind finds it's way into the trashcan more often than not.  Here is a recipe to stop that immediately, it is rice salad from a favorite food blog.   Using this recipe will require the substitution of leftover rice for the wild rice but it works nicely: Wild Rice Salad Recipe.

Lately I've been entertaining what to do with the idea of recycling yarn, specifically the yarn unravelled and

 wound into a ball of what was formerly a ruined or unfortunate looking sweater or other thing which did not deserve to go on living it's mundane or downright YIKES sort of existence. Works well with cotton items.   I thought of this before  I saw yarn recycling actually done while watching something like Knitty Gritty  or something on HGTV.     Oh, I found this Pattern for Kureyon Coffee Cozy and am going to make one for my friends who enjoy those take out designer coffee and use those cardboard sleeves which are admittedly recycled also but, you know? =)  I like this one because it covers the entire container. I keep finding myself with leftover Noro's and with their prices and beauty, they beg to be put to good use. I tell you in order that yo u consider the same re purposeful thing about a ruined sweater or other.  While  we ponder that, check out this crochet pattern for a Yarn Ball Cozy from a CD Canister. This one made by Jennifer Offenstein is also found on Ravelry and Crafster.  It is a little basic, and would look even better using leftover sexy yarn like a Noro and add beads or organic stone buttons to the ends of the ties.  It's a utilitarian way to recycle/repurpose those CD continers while others include bagel lunch container or even a gift box (you can add a cut to fit piece of wrapping paper to fit the inside).


  1. Like the bag on the left hand side, along with the loverly wrought iron ,and the yarn recycling of the coffee cozy,a beautiful job well done ....

  2. Oh, I totally *love* the fork idea. I'm going to have to try that one!

  3. These projects are so awesome!

    I have made tote bags from tshirts in the past. I have a ton, and I should post how I did it. Now I have a reason to blog! Woot!