Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pomme de Peau - Apple appeal

From the early days of childhood, I vaguely recall something about bringing an apple to school for the teacher. It was my mother's idea my kindergarten year idea and nearly the only memory that remains of that first school year. I felt silly bringing the apple and my heart was not in it but I was an obedient child (chuckle) so I did it dragging my feet all the while and protesting and a with a few tears. What I did not understand then and found out later is that it was a traditional gift given to the poorly paid teachers of an era. Yes, money would have been nicer but that wasn't nearly as accessible so kindness stepped in. You can't go wrong with kindness.

Nowadays, some schools celebrate what is known as teacher
appreciation day where some sort of gift is bestowed in recognition of their above and beyond the call of duty efforts. The designer caramel apple confections available today are an appealing gift. They overwhelmed me when I first saw them as I wondered how to bite into the darned things. Now I laugh at myself as I discover that they were intended to be sliced into wedges and enjoyed at a slower pace than I had imagined, shared even.
I liked the idea of them but I don't desire that much dietary decadence and sought a more diminutive version of that pleasure. Ever handy with the kitchen gadgets, I determined that using a melon ball scooper and carving out rounded portions of apple while leaving the skin in tact provided a bite sized candidate for caramelizing and spilling other confections upon. Add a candy stick or wooden toothpick into the bullseye of the remaining apple skin and you will have created a dippable candidate for miniature candy apple. I would love to know if you use this idea. It is not exclusive but it is fun for fall gatherings, teacher gifts and any occasion where you want to entertain or delight in an adorable manner.
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With all their varieties, who doesn't like apples? I have a particular one which I enjoy so much that I bought an accessory for it from Decal Girl and then one for my close-est companion who was actually shamefully naked for a time. I realize that your closest companion might not be an Apple product but Decal Girl does not play favorites, she'll improve most any of your technology based friendships. The product line there caters more to the masculine perspective with aggressive skins and the background page downloads that match them but there are quite a few feminine designs among them worth browsing for.

Apple Bottoms jeans is a line of trendy clothing celebrating the natural curves of a woman's body. These are a favorite of celebrities but my interest remains in the particular fit which undulates where I do (^_~) . Expect to pay what you would for a moderate jean and enjoy the fit as well as stylish details. The artisans at Apple Bottoms have an exciting approach to clothing and therefore will appeal to the vibrant woman.
It was my intention to share my personal German Apple Pancake recipe with you. These are so fantastic because they call for a thin batter to be poured evenly over fruit and finish quickly in the oven where they puff up. You flip them onto a plate then and sprinkle with powdered sugar because if you add whipped cream with these and it's breakfast time, I am going to raise my eyebrows at you. Well, again this was what I was going to share with you and then I recalled that I don't buy apples in the summer because I will get more than enough of them this winter when the cherries, mangoes and all are scarce. What I ended up with was making a Plum pancake instead and it turned out beautifully! The colors of the sauteed plum against the golden pancake were more visually appetizing than anticipated. I eat with my eyes and nose and taste buds so I like the look of beautiful food. When I put my fork into this beautiful creation I found the taste was bright and had a zing as a finish on the tongue. It left me wanting more so I had to share. Don't even think for a minute that this is a low calorie food, just do something fun to burn them off and enjoy yourself with this!

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  1. I know you've got to be the apple in someone's eye - great info here.
    I am going to try your recipe (I love apples too) and will probably list it in my recipe book as Olive's Apple Pancakes!