Saturday, August 15, 2009


Life feels pretty hectic for me right now with the start of a new school year and trying to finish writing a book.  I really need some sweet distractions from my sense of hectic that were not illegal, immoral or fattening - know what I mean?  Yes, well, I did intend to show you... here is a recipe, music, flowers, window shopping and a little scrapbook craft.

Stopping to smell flowers always cheers me and a new beautiful way of arranging them is all the nicer.  I picked some from my yard and scattered arrangements around the house: powder room, bedroom, office desk.  I even shared some with a friend.  The smells invite me to glimpse and seem to celebrate nature and pretty femininity.  The little puppy bouquets by the way, are white chrysanthemums gathered and fastened together with toy eyes and nose such as you'd find in craft store for making plush animals.  River rocks and painted daisies float on top of water.  Lastly, the instructions for flower cones are a click away and if you use a small container for water wrapped with wire, you can wrap a cone of paper around it and add a small bouquet to hang from some low spot in your domain. 

My music player from helps lessen that hectic feeling and it was very easy to create.  It was also free and the instructions easy to follow.  I can’t quite appreciate Pandora music radio though I know plenty who do so I’m sharing it in case you may enjoy it.  On Pandora, you create a radio station that plays music based on your taste in music.  I'm a little random in my taste and sporadic as well, so...and no, I am not a control freak...sort of.  This is my playlist and it is on pause right now but you can start it by pressing play if you wish. Click on CREATE YOUR FREE PLAYLIST to make your own.

New recipes also generally tickle my fancy, this one for mini bagels (recipe) was so cute.  You can make them the size you like with dough, boiled till floating and then a quick finish in the oven with toppings.  I’m going to reward myself by making this between projects.  I like bagels but not the carb commitment one makes even with half a bagel.  And seriously, I don’t really want to keep thinking about that unfinished work of the other bagel half! Seems silly I know but I’m sure can hear that little bagel half calling to me and I have to kill it!  

The making of sweet nothings for loved ones clears my head but I can only bring myself to make functional things....I just hate perfunctory junk!  I found this little Altoids tin project (scroll down for directions) and thought how nice it would be to collect for my BFF (best friend forever).  She’s the sentimental type and this would be so touching to her.  I certainly would not mind receiving one either come to think of it.    

I’m rereading this and thinking it sounds so me-me-me... yikes.  Well, before you think I’m totally self absorbed I invite you to go window shopping.  It’s made better when done online in the middle of the night in the privacy of your own home.  I shop here at FashionUnder100.  This blog is updated often and not all looks work for me but we all know that shoes and accessories always fit.  I also like this other one because, notice the trend, I am so champagne-frugal!  Cheap Chic Daily hits that spot.  

I surely hope you found something fun here.  I love it when you take a minute to tell me in comments =)  Take care of yourself.


  1. I love how creative you are!!! I love to come up with stuff like that too. I love the puppies! :o)

  2. I especially like the flower holders hanging on the iron gate,so excellent,but I really love the
    pop out playlist,and especially your music , just so Beautiful.....M..xx.

  3. Ahhh... Kudos for "Unforgettable." What a great song... The playlist is all pretty great, actually. is a pretty cool tool, eh?

    Love the mini bagels. I'll have to try those.


  4. Excellent blog post oh creative one. Love the mini bagels. Altoids project very cool. Cheers.